10 Chrome Extensions for Playing Cool Classic Games

There has been a great increase in the number of  free and paid online games over the internet with advance graphics and features. A person now spend his couple of hours everyday just sitting on the computer, using internet browser, playing games until he/she is bored. There most be some good way be get rid of boredom when you are tired doing these stuffs everyday. So, we have brought you the best free Google chrome extensions for playing popular classic games right inside from your Chrome browser window. These games not only just  entertains you but also makes you feel good remembering the old memories connected with these games. Here goes the 10 best free extensions to play classic games on your browser

1. Classic Games

 Classic games Google chrome browser extension lets you play classic games right on your browser. After you install the extension, click the classic games button to play your favourite classic games including Bloons, the World’s Hardest Game, helicopter, Pacman, Pacxon, Cubefield, Max Dirt Bike and some more.

2. Game Button

 Game button is a one game extension for Google chrome that lets you play many free online games directly from your browser with easy access to an endless stream of flash games and other popular online web games. It contains tons of free online games arranged in a categories and also includes many classic games for the classic games lovers.

3. Pacman Classic Arcade

 Pacman used to be among the best and popular games at the time a long ago. This game still exists this time and now its available for Google chrome browser users as a extension named as “Pacman Classic arcade” which allows them to play this cool game from the toolbar staying within the browser window.

4. Chrome Minesweeper

 Chrome minesweeper is yet another classic popular game with beautiful graphics with scoreboard which is available in 3 sizes – small, medium and large. Chrome minesweeper extension after install allows you to play minesweeper game right from your browser window with the feature of game pause and resume.

5. Mario Game

 Mario game is considered to be the most popular games ever and here’s the change to refresh the classic memories of playing this game again. You can easily play the Mario games right inside from your Google chrome browser by installing the Mario game extension. Even the Super Mario game extension for chrome is available.

6. Hangman

  Hangman is a classic guessing game in which the word to guess is represented by a series of dashes below the gallow, each dash representing a letter. If your guessing is right the word gets completed otherwise if you are wrong there will be formation of some hanging person. After the structure is complete your game is over, ask for another game again.

7. Snake game

 I still remember I used to play this snake game a lot when I was a kid on my dad’s cell phone or on my video game., The time has changed but the goodness of the game is same. So if you missed this game then now you can even play the snake game right inside your chrome browser with the Snake game extension.

8. JC-Tetris

 JC-Tetris (Javascript-based Chrome Tetris) Extension is based on the work — Js Tetris by Cezary Tomczak, a browser-based clone of tetris video game. This extension is aimed to add this popular game into Chrome.. This could be very convenient for those who would like or need to pause the game, minimize the window, and finish the game later. All that is needed to play are the four “Arrow Keys & the Space Bar”.

9. Crashdown

 Crashdown is a free puzzle and board game published by Jsplash for Google Chrome browser.This is a very entertaining classic game in which you have to use your mouse to click a gorup of three or more of the same coloured squares to remove. It is just like the opposite of Tetris.The color blocks move upward and you have to get rid of them before they touch the top of the screen.

10. Bubble shooter

 Bubble shooter is another free classic game published by Chromitude for Google Chrome browser users. It is simple but addictive game in which you have to use your Mouse to aim the arrow at the bubble and then click to shoot that bubble. Then you have to get three of the same colored bubbles in a row and they will burst. It especially runs in the OS environment of Windows 7, Vista and XP.