5 must know offline ways to promote your blog

A blogger should always stay active for the promotion of his blog. A blog cannot go ahead without the promotion because no one is going to read your blog articles by searching it, you should always bring your blog in front of them. There are different ways for the promotion of your blog. Social Networking, Search Engine Optimization, advertising, etc are the direct onlne ways to promote your blog. Besides there are some offline ways too for your blog promotion.

So in this post we will be talking about some offline for the promotion for your blog. The ideas in this post might look easy and cheap but this idea worths a lot and helps you to a extent for the promotion of your blog.

1. Write Articles for the Newspaper or Magazines

This is the best offline idea for your blog promotion through Newspapers or magazines. You can write articles your local newspaper or the international magazine. Once your article is approved you can ask for your blog name to be placed below your article as credit to your article (May be instead of your name). So when the people read and like your article they will surely visit your blog following the link on the article by entering it into their browser.

2. Include your Blog Link URL in your Visiting Cards

This is also among the Top Offline ways for your blog Promotion. Using visiting card or yourself has become a small issue now. So why didn’t you add your blog link below your details in your visiting card. The people who views your visiting card will surely view your blog through the URL in your visitors which will surely help you gain some offline type traffic for your blog.

3. Speak to all people you know

This is also the best idea for your blog offline promotion. So have to make all the people whom you know know about your blog. For this the URL of your blog should be simple and rememberable so that others will surely remember it and view your blog when they are online.

4. Sponsor in the Local programs/events

Local programs that is conducted in your area is also a big marketplace to get some local visitors for your blog. If you sponsor in those local events your blog name will may be announced in the events or your blog name will appear on the banner and posters of the programs. This will surely help you get some local visitors for you blog.

5. Learn to give away some Freebies or Charities

Its not always you running after money. You should too think about giving charity too some organizations or other freebies clothes, lights and other needy things. if you are giving away then you too got right to mention about you and your blog on those things. This work not only bring visitors to your blog, but also helps you and your blog gain high reputation in the community.