5 sites to download youtube video directly in .MP4 format for your iphone or Ipod Touch

Suppose you got an Iphone and you want to add some videos in your Iphone so that you could enjoy it in your leisure time. So what will you do to add videos in your Iphone? You may either use some video converter software to convert your computer videos or download videos from web in some other formats like .FLV and convert it again to iphone compatible format and add it to your Iphone with the help of itunes.
I guess it too boring and also takes lots of times to do that. So I got the better solution for you. Here are some best sites to download your favourite youtube videos in .MP4 format and put it directly on your iphone with any above easy process.  The best part of these videos are they got better quality and also got smallar size. checkout some below:

1. Keepvid


Keepvid is always my first choice for downloading youtube video in .MP4 format for my Iphone. It got the completely free service for downloading the youtube videos in MP4 format as well as in other formats like .3GP(High Quality nad low Quality too) for your Mobile phones and also in .FLV format.

2. Vixy


Vixy also among my used online toutube video converrter and downloadder. Its also a free service and you can also download the youtube videos in .MP4 format with it. It also offers you youtube videos downlaod in AVI format for windows, .MOV format for MAC, .3GP format for cell phones and also in .MP3 for audio players.

3. MP4youtube


Mp4Youtube also offers you the download of your favourite youtube video in .MP4 format for your Iphone. Its also the free service and also lets you download youtube videos download in .3GP and also in .FLV format with your desired video quality.

4. Savevid


Savevid is also among like other youtube video downloaders that enables you to download your desired youtube video in .MP4 format for your format. Besides this it also offers you Youtube video download in .3GP format and also in .FLV format with Low Quality, Medium Quality and high quality options too.

5. Gazzump

Gazzump allows you to download your desired youtube video in 8 formats that includes .FLV, .MP3, .AVI, .WMV, .WAV, .MOV, .3GP and also the main in .MP4 format. This is also a free service and the videos downloaded by these sites can be easily synced into your iPhone.

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