Adding/Modifying User Accounts In Windows Via "CMD"

 Hello guys! Today i will show you some of the cool CMD tricks. If you don't know on how to launch CMD then go to Start>Run and type there CMD and hit enter.

So a command promt window will appear. Like shown above

So now you have CMD and you can add a new user by command below:

C:>net user username /ADD
Where username is the name of your new account. And remember, try and make it look inconspicuous, then they’ll just think its a student who really is at school, when really, the person doesn’t EXIST! IF you wanna have a password, use this instead:

C:>net user username password /ADD
Where password is the password you want to have. So for instance the above would create an account called ‘username’, with the password being ‘password’. The below would have a username of ‘Usman’ and a password of ‘LULX’

C:>net user Usman LULX /ADD
Right then, now that we can create accounts, let’s delete them:)
C:>net user Usman /DELETE
This will delete poor Usman's acount With the help of CMD.

Let’s give you admin priveleges:)
C:>net localgroup administrator Usman /ADD
This will make Usman an admin. Remember that some places or computers may not call their admins ‘adminstrator’ and so you need to find out the name of the local group they belong to.
You can list all the localgroups by typing
C:>net localgroup
Running .exe files you can’t usually run

In the command prompt, use cd (change directory) to go to where the file is, use DIR to get the name of it, and put a shortcut of it on to a floppy. Run the program off the floppy disk. :D

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