How to: Create your own Proxy Server Instantly for Anonymous Browsing

This post will show all my readers that they can make their own proxy server for free. Isn't it amazing? then follow these instructions:
I had set up my own functioning proxy server. With the instructions below, so can you.See Screen Shot Below:

What: Are Requirements For Creating Your Own Proxy:-

If we want to pull this off there are a few things you need.
A paid or Free Web Host:
In this way of creating a proxy, You can use free hostings like, , and also , But remember you can break there TOS too. As many free web hostings won't allow you too create a proxy server.
PHP5 or greater and cURL:
Look for this on the website of your web-host. If it’s paid hosting, you can almost count on it. Especially cURL is a feature that’ll be disabled on most free web-servers.
Permission (TOS) :
That’s right. Some webhosts will explicitly forbid you to create a proxy server (or a chat room, for that matter) in their terms of content. And you can expect them to find out they will disable your ip address from there website and won't allow you to create a hosting account again at there website.

1. Download and Install (At Hosting) Glype Proxy:-

Download Glype-Proxy
GlypeProxy is a free, standalone PHP script. That means it’s lightweight and incredibly easy to configure. You can download it from their website.

Next, upload the files to a sub directory on your webserver. inorder to know how to upload files read this simplified tutorial and Do watch Video:
How: to Upload files to your hostings Using Filezilla
If you see a folder called ‘www’, or called after your domain name (e.g. create the sub folder in there. You need to avoid using the word ‘proxy’, because some companies pick up on it. Instead, use ‘web’ or ’surf’.

There are a few different ways to upload your files. If you already know this, skip to the next paragraph. Here they are arranged from the least to the most effort.
Upload and unpack ZIP using Filezilla as I described above!
Look in the filemanager of your hosting cpanel for an ‘unpack’ or ‘extract’ option. You can then upload it in one take. This is not always supported and i,ll recommend using filezilla.
FTP access using Filezilla:
Use an FTP application like i described to access your webhost, and let it transfer the files while you take some rest as it may take a while. Most often supported.

2. Ready For Use:-

There’s no real set-up needed. Just point your browser to the directory where you put all those files (ex. and GlypeProxy will pop up. If you don’t like the logo, you’ll have to replace it manually. But if you want a proxy server for personal use, some little branding won’t matter.
proxy server

Users can enter any URL and, after expanding the options, choose to encode the URL, the page, allow cookies, scripts and objects. Encoding the page can help you access some sites that are still being picked up and intercepted, but might give you a corrupt webpage at times.

3. Setting Up Admin Preferences:-

Although Glype is a powerful proxy script, the admin tools are obviously the backing power. You might not know this, but a lot of online proxy tools are powered by Glype, just like the one you just set up. The admin preferences leave room not only for customization, but for improvement. You can assign site-specific code for trouble-giving websites, and change user-agent and proxy lists.
caching glype

Most useful to novice users will be the caching tools (pictured above), logs, and blacklists. The caching tools can help you improve the browsing speed by storing some files from all, or some of the already visited websites. Logs are off by default, but might have legal importance in the future, depending on who uses your proxy server. Always explicitly mention you’re keeping these logs. Finally, the blacklists will allow you to block (all but) a few sites, or users.

To access your admin panel, point your browser to admin.php on your webserver (e.g.

Are you setting up your own personal proxy server or else at professional level? Do you have any other tips or experiences on the issue? Let Me know in the comments below!