Hack MSN - A Small Trick

Today I will show you a small trick inorder to hack someone MSN ID or else the whole computer.
Amazing? right

So we will need MSN messenger and its necessary that we are chatting with victim using messenger.
So first of all send him/her a file whom you want to hack. ( Note: File must be somehow big so that it may take time during the sending procedure. Time is the base of this hack.) Now MSN is designed to route the connection through a microsoft server while you are chatting. However, when a file is sent, a DCC (direct connection) is created. This was purposely done because otherwise microsoft would waste a lot of bandwidth so a direct connection is made.Now, this is the actual chance! ;)
Open up your command prompt (run “cmd” in NT/XP or “command” in 9X to get into prompt) and run netstat. usually the MSN targets IP would be above port 2000.


You have found the ip now So actually being a hacker anyone can take control on that computer.

If u receive some crap like gux1-43.primus.com as the target, do a Reverse DNS lookup on it. However, this occurs very rarely, mostly u will receive a clear IP

Additional Information:
A. Reverse DNS lookup (also known as rDNS) is a process to determine the hostname associated with a given IP address. or viceversa
its command is nslookup at windows CMD.

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Adding/Modifying User Accounts In Windows Via "CMD"

 Hello guys! Today i will show you some of the cool CMD tricks. If you don't know on how to launch CMD then go to Start>Run and type there CMD and hit enter.

So a command promt window will appear. Like shown above

So now you have CMD and you can add a new user by command below:

C:>net user username /ADD
Where username is the name of your new account. And remember, try and make it look inconspicuous, then they’ll just think its a student who really is at school, when really, the person doesn’t EXIST! IF you wanna have a password, use this instead:

C:>net user username password /ADD
Where password is the password you want to have. So for instance the above would create an account called ‘username’, with the password being ‘password’. The below would have a username of ‘Usman’ and a password of ‘LULX’

C:>net user Usman LULX /ADD
Right then, now that we can create accounts, let’s delete them:)
C:>net user Usman /DELETE
This will delete poor Usman's acount With the help of CMD.

Let’s give you admin priveleges:)
C:>net localgroup administrator Usman /ADD
This will make Usman an admin. Remember that some places or computers may not call their admins ‘adminstrator’ and so you need to find out the name of the local group they belong to.
You can list all the localgroups by typing
C:>net localgroup
Running .exe files you can’t usually run

In the command prompt, use cd (change directory) to go to where the file is, use DIR to get the name of it, and put a shortcut of it on to a floppy. Run the program off the floppy disk. :D

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Hacking Password Protected Website’s

Here are many ways to defeat java-script protected websites. Some are very simplistic, such as hitting[ctl-alt-del ]when the password box is displayed, to simply turning offjava capability, which will dump you into the default page.You can try manually searching for other directories, by typing the directory name into the url address box of your browser, ie: you want access to www.target.com .
Try typing www.target.com/images .(almost ever y web site has an images directory) This will put you into the images directory,and give you a text list of all the images located there. Often, the title of an image will give you a clue to the name of another directory. ie: in www.target.com/images, there is a .gif named gamestitle.gif . There is a good chance then, that there is a ‘games’ directory on the site,so you would then type in www.target.com/games, and if it isa valid directory, you again get a text listing of all the files available there.
For a more automated approach, use a program like WEB SNAKE from anawave, or Web Wacker. These programs will create a mirror image of an entire web site, showing all director ies,or even mirror a complete server. They are indispensable for locating hidden files and directories.What do you do if you can’t get past an opening “PasswordRequired” box? . First do an WHOIS Lookup for the site. In our example, www.target.com . We find it’s hosted by www.host.com at 100.100.100. 1.
We then go to, and then launch \Web Snake, and mirror the entire server. Set Web Snake to NOT download anything over about 20K. (not many HTML pages are bigger than this) This speeds things up some, and keeps you from getting a lot of files and images you don’t care about. This can take a long time, so consider running it right before bed time. Once you have an image of the entire server, you look through the directories listed, and find /target. When we open that directory, we find its contents, and all of its sub-directories listed. Let’s say we find /target/games/zip/zipindex.html . This would be the index page that would be displayed had you gone through the password procedure, and allowed it to redirect you here.By simply typing in the url www.target.com/games/zip/zipindex.html you will be on the index page and ready to follow the links for downloading.

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5 Websites to Edit PDF files Online for free

Portable Document Format(PDF) file is a open standard format for the documents exchange. It was created by Adobe in the 90′s and now the most popular and convenient document format all around the world. There are many reasons why it is so popular. The first is it is more compact(surely smaller in size), Combines everything inside the document like Text, images, font, etc. You can view it from any computer with the reader software and the documents are also seem almost same on all computers.
But it is also said that PDF files can’t be edited, thats just a old story. There are many free softwares and even free Online tools to edit the PDF files of yours or from the third party. So in this post here are 5 best websites where you can easily edit the PDF files for free.


PDFfiller is the ultimate Online Tool for editing the PDF files without using any softwares.You can Upload the PDF file from your hard drive or may enter the URL of the file and start editing the PDF file online staying within the browser window. After edit you can secure place to keep your PDF forms and you can access, fill, write, fax, email and print your forms from any computer.


 PDFvue is a online PDF viewer and PDF editor trhat lets you edit or view the PDF file Online without using any software directly uploading from your hard drive. It combines cool features like viewing, commenting, annotations, page deletion or rotation and adding fillable form fields to PDF’s. Since PDFvue requires to upload your PDF file to upload on their own serves, It might take more times for large files and slow internet connection.


 PHFescape is a free of charge web-based PDF editor program written in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and ASP. PDFescape offers features like PDF editing, form filling, page arrangement, printing, saving, , etc. Open PDF file from the web or from the local computer, make different changes to the PDF file from the toolbox in the website and download the file in the local computer or store it on PDFescape server for short period of time.


 FillanyPDF is actually an website where you can Upload your PDF file and link other related people so that they can make a sign on them. Its can be also said as Online PDF editing tool that requires no software installed to edit the PDF files online. It is currently under beta version allowing lots of features to its users.


 PDFhammer is the most popular among the all online PDF editing tools that can easily edit our PDF files directly within browser window without installing any software. With PDFhammer you can create the single polished document merging multiple documents, edit them online, protect the files with a password, Update PDf meta data and ore. This service is currently closed for maintenance.

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Download Youtube Videos directly without using IDM

I have noticed many times that internet users face problems while using Internet Download Manager because it is not a free software now. So, it first needs to be cracked which is a little irritating task. So, i have come up with a much better software to download Youtube or any other kind of .flv or .mp4 videos. And the software is One-Click Youtube Downloader.
You can download it here.
Download One-Click Youtube Downloader

For One-Click Youtube Downloader to work, you just need any downloader like Orbit Downloader which you can download from the following link

Download Orbit Downloader

One-Click Youtube Downloader gives you a floating Get-It button on your browser screen whenever a flash document is opened. Click on the drop-down arrow of Get-it button and select the video file to download or simply click on the Get-it button. You can check your file download progress by opening your downloader.
By default, One-Click Youtube Downloader is readily available in Orbit Downloader. But incase you have any problem, you can install it separately by yourself.
The main advantage of One-Click Youtube Downloader and orbit Downloader is that it is free and they donot require any activation.

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How to Setup Gmail Inbox for Self hosted Domain Email Account

Mozilla thunderbird or any email client softwares didn’t have so effective spam filter for spam emails as the Gmail have. So its always a wise decision to use the Gmail Inbox for Self hosted Domain Email Account because its not just only safe but also allows you around 8GB email inbox.
So here is the complete tutorial on How to Setup Gmail Inbox for Self hosted Domain Email Account. The comments are open below the post if you got something to say about the post.

Step 1 : Sign up to Google Apps

The very first step is goto Google Application, Enter your Domain name in the input box and Continue if you have already got your domain name. In case you don’t have any domain name, you can also buy it fro there which costs around $10.

So here is the complete tutorial on How to Setup Gmail Inbox for Self hosted Domain Email Account. The comments are open below the post if you got something to say about the post

Step 1 : Sign up to Google Apps

The very first step is goto Google Application, Enter your Domain name in the input box and Continue if you have already got your domain name. In case you don’t have any domain name, you can also buy it fro there which costs around $10.
 So I am using a domain name hackersthurst.com for the process.
 In the next step all you have to do is enter the administration detail along with other information as required the form and Continue.
 Choose the Email and password for the First administrator and the Sign up is done.

. Now Google Apps will redirect you to the Sign in page from where you will sign in to your Google Apps account with the first administrator details created above.
Google Apps will now ask you to verify that you are the Owner of that domain name. There are altogether four ways to verify your Domain, So you can chose any one method to verify.

Step 2 : Verify Domain name

This is the most important step in the process to make Google apps confirm that the domain name belongs to you. To verify your domain name you can simply choose any one of the four methods provided.
  • Add a DNS record to your domain’s configuration
  • Add a meta tag to your site’s home page
  • Upload an HTML file to your server
  • Link to your Google Analytics account
You can use any of the above steps to verify your domai name. If you want to verify by DNS record you must know your domain name provider. This may varies affording to your domain name provider.
Verifying using the Meta tag can be also easier. As soon as you select the option “Add a meta tag to your site’s home page”, It will automatically show the Meta tag in the page. Copy the Meta tag and paste it into your site’s home page. It should go in the <head> section, before the first <body> section.
If you are verifying by Uploading the HTML file, first download the HTML file and upload the downloaded HTML file into your root directory of your hosting account. As you select the “Upload an HTML file to your server” option in the lsit, It will instantly show the download Link of the file.
Verifying the domain name by Linking the Google apps to the Google Analytics account is a new method for verification. Google will find all Google Analytics tracking codes that are active on the index page for this site. Ownership of the site is established if you are an administrator for any of the Google Analytics website profiles found.
 You can use any one of the above methods to verify your domain name but choosing the easier and known one is better.

Step 3 : Activate Email in Google Application

After the verification is completed, You will be redirected to the Google Apps Dashboard where you will see various services along with the service status active and inactive. To activate Gmail Click on ‘Activate Email’ at the service setting section of the page.

Now you have to change MX record from your webhosting account. Mx refers to mail exchanging exchange records. This process may differs from different hosting company. But you can find different hosting tutorial in the page.If your hosting company is not listed there you can simply follow any hosting company tutorial.
After you are done activating, you can easily access your domain email aacount from Gmail. You can either loogin it directly from Gmail.com or from https://www.google.com/a/domain-name.

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5 must know offline ways to promote your blog

A blogger should always stay active for the promotion of his blog. A blog cannot go ahead without the promotion because no one is going to read your blog articles by searching it, you should always bring your blog in front of them. There are different ways for the promotion of your blog. Social Networking, Search Engine Optimization, advertising, etc are the direct onlne ways to promote your blog. Besides there are some offline ways too for your blog promotion.

So in this post we will be talking about some offline for the promotion for your blog. The ideas in this post might look easy and cheap but this idea worths a lot and helps you to a extent for the promotion of your blog.

1. Write Articles for the Newspaper or Magazines

This is the best offline idea for your blog promotion through Newspapers or magazines. You can write articles your local newspaper or the international magazine. Once your article is approved you can ask for your blog name to be placed below your article as credit to your article (May be instead of your name). So when the people read and like your article they will surely visit your blog following the link on the article by entering it into their browser.

2. Include your Blog Link URL in your Visiting Cards

This is also among the Top Offline ways for your blog Promotion. Using visiting card or yourself has become a small issue now. So why didn’t you add your blog link below your details in your visiting card. The people who views your visiting card will surely view your blog through the URL in your visitors which will surely help you gain some offline type traffic for your blog.

3. Speak to all people you know

This is also the best idea for your blog offline promotion. So have to make all the people whom you know know about your blog. For this the URL of your blog should be simple and rememberable so that others will surely remember it and view your blog when they are online.

4. Sponsor in the Local programs/events

Local programs that is conducted in your area is also a big marketplace to get some local visitors for your blog. If you sponsor in those local events your blog name will may be announced in the events or your blog name will appear on the banner and posters of the programs. This will surely help you get some local visitors for you blog.

5. Learn to give away some Freebies or Charities

Its not always you running after money. You should too think about giving charity too some organizations or other freebies clothes, lights and other needy things. if you are giving away then you too got right to mention about you and your blog on those things. This work not only bring visitors to your blog, but also helps you and your blog gain high reputation in the community.

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5 sites to download youtube video directly in .MP4 format for your iphone or Ipod Touch

Suppose you got an Iphone and you want to add some videos in your Iphone so that you could enjoy it in your leisure time. So what will you do to add videos in your Iphone? You may either use some video converter software to convert your computer videos or download videos from web in some other formats like .FLV and convert it again to iphone compatible format and add it to your Iphone with the help of itunes.
I guess it too boring and also takes lots of times to do that. So I got the better solution for you. Here are some best sites to download your favourite youtube videos in .MP4 format and put it directly on your iphone with any above easy process.  The best part of these videos are they got better quality and also got smallar size. checkout some below:

1. Keepvid


Keepvid is always my first choice for downloading youtube video in .MP4 format for my Iphone. It got the completely free service for downloading the youtube videos in MP4 format as well as in other formats like .3GP(High Quality nad low Quality too) for your Mobile phones and also in .FLV format.

2. Vixy


Vixy also among my used online toutube video converrter and downloadder. Its also a free service and you can also download the youtube videos in .MP4 format with it. It also offers you youtube videos downlaod in AVI format for windows, .MOV format for MAC, .3GP format for cell phones and also in .MP3 for audio players.

3. MP4youtube


Mp4Youtube also offers you the download of your favourite youtube video in .MP4 format for your Iphone. Its also the free service and also lets you download youtube videos download in .3GP and also in .FLV format with your desired video quality.

4. Savevid


Savevid is also among like other youtube video downloaders that enables you to download your desired youtube video in .MP4 format for your format. Besides this it also offers you Youtube video download in .3GP format and also in .FLV format with Low Quality, Medium Quality and high quality options too.

5. Gazzump

Gazzump allows you to download your desired youtube video in 8 formats that includes .FLV, .MP3, .AVI, .WMV, .WAV, .MOV, .3GP and also the main in .MP4 format. This is also a free service and the videos downloaded by these sites can be easily synced into your iPhone.

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10 Cool YouTube URL Tricks You Might Not Know About

YouTube is world’s most popular online video community allowing millions of people to discover, watch and share originally created videos. You can upload your own videos and watch videos uploaded by other videos for free. YouTube contains varieties of videos uploaded thousands of hours by millions of users.Viewing and sharing videos on YouTube is also free. You can call YouTube as the video bank too.
The youtube video experience is good by itself  but we even got some cool tricks to make the video experience even more better with the help of adding some codes to youtube video URL.

1. Watch YouTube video in high quality

Generally YouTube videos are in normal quality, sometimes it allows you to switch some of your videos in high quality. Add &fmt=18 or &fmt=22 at the end of your youtube video video URL on address bar of your browser to switch between the different qualities for your youtube video.
For instance your youtube video URL is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aRIlnQzw-A then add &fmt=18 at the end of the video URL so that it looks like  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aRIlnQzw-A&fmt=18 to view your youtube video in High Quality.

2. Embed youtube video in high quality

Like viewing the YouTube video in high quality there is also the option to embed that video outside youtube in high quality. Append &ap=%2526fmt%3D18 or &ap=%2526fmt%3D22 to the embed part of video URL.
For example the video source inside the video embed code is http://www.youtube.com/v/0aRIlnQzw-A then add&ap=%2526fmt%3D18 to all places in the video embed code and make it look like http://www.youtube.com/v/0aRIlnQzw-A&ap=%2526fmt%3D18 and save the embed code. Now be ready to watch the embedded youtube video in high quality.

3. Enable autoplay in embedded video

After you take your player to autoplay mode of your embedded video, your video gets loaded itself with the load of the page and starts playing itself without the hit on the play button by the user. Its the best way to keep your viewers active.
To add this cool feature to player of your embedded youtube video, Just add &autoplay=1 to the video URL on the embed code of your youtube video like in 2 and save the code.

4. View regional blocked video

This trick can be also called the trick to watch the youtube in full browser window mode but also allows you watch some regional blocked videos.  For instance your youtube video URL is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aRIlnQzw-A then make it to http://www.youtube.com/v/0aRIlnQzw-A in the address bar and Enjoy the video.

5. View videos in 3D

This is a new feature added by youtube, It allows you to watch youtube videos in 3D. The uploaded video should have been taken from both right and left angles so that it will work as 3D. Of course you should need a 3D glass to view that.
To view the youtube video in 3D, add &yt3d:enable=true to the end of your youtube video URL on the browser address bar and Enjoy the 3D video wearing the 3D glass.

6. Add loop to embedded video

once you add loop to your embedded video, the video will get automatically played again after the video reaches the end. To add loop feature to your embedded video, add &loop=1 to the end of the video URL in your embed code of the video.

7. Embed only a part of video

Suppose you got a 5 minutes long video and you want to show that video to other people starting from first 30 seconds because the first 30 seconds might be boring. So  add &start=30 to the embed of that video to skip the first 30 and make the video start from 31 second when a user hits play button. Its format is &start=<value>, here <value> refers to the number of seconds you want to skip in that particular video.

8. Jump to Specific part of video

Make the youtube video play from the same time you want to show. Add #t=10m12s to the end of your youtube video URL in your browser and make the video load from 10 minute and 12 seconds. Its useful while you are sending the youtube video link to your friend to show something important occurred on some time inside that video.

9. Disable related videos in player

Suppose you have embedded some video to your blog related to some installation and you didn’t want to show other related videos might be of other authors after the video ends. So to disable that, add &rel=0 to the embed code of your video.

10. Hide search box in player

A search box is appears on your youtube embedded video player when users hover that embedded video. To hide that search box from your embedded video player, add &showsearch=0 to the embed code of your youtube video and disable the search box.

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How to Restore Accidentally Deleted contacts in Gmail

Sometimes people accidentally delete some useful contacts after they send the Email which they might need in future. In that case people think like the old school way that once its deleted then its gone forever. Again searching and adding those useful contacts is really a long and boring job for any user. But if you are Gmail user then its new feature for restoring contacts is going to help you a lot. Suppose you accidently deleted some contacts or the bunch of contacts from your Gmail contacts or wiped the contact data from your Gmail account by mistake while syncing to another device. You still don’t need to worry. Like Backing up your Gmail Inbox,  The new Gmail feature instantly allows you to revert your contact list and undo any mistakes made up to 30 days in the past.

 To restore the deleted contacts Sign in into your Gmail account and then Goto ‘Contacts’ section of your Gmail account. Now click the ‘More actions’ drop-down menu and select ‘Restore Contacts’ from the list . Now a dialog box will appear with the options for restoring the contacts history. All you have to do is choose the time you would like to revert to and see your Account restored with earlier contacts.

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Install wordpress locally in Windows with Wamp server

Do you want to install worpress at your hosting and servers then firstly you will surely like to edit all its sections and posts to make a complete site locally. Many people don't know that they can do like this by using Wamp Server Its quite easy and you will be able to run wordpress locally.

You can try wordpress by installing it in your Local server which is not only just cheap, Its also fast compared to other live blogs. WAMP server is that windows software/application that makes it all possible.
Below goes the short tutorial for installing wordpress in your Local server for windows with the help of WAMP server software.

Step 1 : Download and install Wamp Server

Wamp Server is a free application that allows you to create Web applications with Apache, PHP, and the MySQL database. It also comes with PHPMyAdmin and SQLiteManager to easily manage your databases. You can download Wamp Server for windows for free.
After you download Wamp Server Install it into your windows directory and run the application.
Now Click on the Wamp Server icon at the Taskbar and Click “Start all Services”.

Step 2 : Create a database

This is the second and also the most step for installing wordpress on Local server. It does require a valid database where the wordpresss data are stored. For this Goto http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ from your Web browser and start creating a database.
Create a new database for wordpress setup from your phpMyadmin homepage. You can give a desired name for your database. For instance I have used “WordPresstest” here.
Now goto PHPMyadmin homepage with the help home icon on top left. Click on “Privileges” link on the homepage below the create database section. Now Click “Add a user” link in the Privileges page.
 Now in Add new user page Choose your desired database Username and Password. Choose Local as your host. Check “Grand all Privileges…” for database for user and remember to Check all the Global privileges and Click Go at bottom right.

Step 3: Install wordpress

The last step has finally arrived. The first thing you do here is download wordpress from Official website.
The next thing you should do is extract wordpress pack which might be in .zip or .tar format to “www” folder of Wamp Server Installed location. If you are Uncertain about the www folder location then Click the Wamp Server icon at the windows Taskbar and Click “www directory” . The first snapshot at Step 1 might help you get clear.
Now enter http://localhost/ in your browser and click your wordpress folder. There will come a page for creating a Configuration file, Click the “Create a configuration file” button and there will come a wordpress Welcome Page. Click “Let’s Go” button and start installing wordpress on your local server.
 Here comes the most important step. Use the same details in the forms in this page exact that you have created/used above and Click Submit button.
 On the next page it will show that your wordpress site has made communication with the database. If it shows then Click on “Run and Install” button and if it show some errors then check your wordpress installation from Step 1.
This is final step for the wordpress installation. Enter your Desired wordpress blog title, wordpress username, your desired password and your Email address. Site it is a local Installation weak password doesn’t make a big sense and don’t check “Allow my site to appear in search en…”.
 Now your WordPress installed is completed Successfully after you see this page with Success message.
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How to: Create your own Proxy Server Instantly for Anonymous Browsing

This post will show all my readers that they can make their own proxy server for free. Isn't it amazing? then follow these instructions:
I had set up my own functioning proxy server. With the instructions below, so can you.See Screen Shot Below:

What: Are Requirements For Creating Your Own Proxy:-

If we want to pull this off there are a few things you need.
A paid or Free Web Host:
In this way of creating a proxy, You can use free hostings like, 0fees.net , 000webhost.com and also hyperphp.com , But remember you can break there TOS too. As many free web hostings won't allow you too create a proxy server.
PHP5 or greater and cURL:
Look for this on the website of your web-host. If it’s paid hosting, you can almost count on it. Especially cURL is a feature that’ll be disabled on most free web-servers.
Permission (TOS) :
That’s right. Some webhosts will explicitly forbid you to create a proxy server (or a chat room, for that matter) in their terms of content. And you can expect them to find out they will disable your ip address from there website and won't allow you to create a hosting account again at there website.

1. Download and Install (At Hosting) Glype Proxy:-

Download Glype-Proxy
GlypeProxy is a free, standalone PHP script. That means it’s lightweight and incredibly easy to configure. You can download it from their website.

Next, upload the files to a sub directory on your webserver. inorder to know how to upload files read this simplified tutorial and Do watch Video:
How: to Upload files to your hostings Using Filezilla
If you see a folder called ‘www’, or called after your domain name (e.g. domain.com) create the sub folder in there. You need to avoid using the word ‘proxy’, because some companies pick up on it. Instead, use ‘web’ or ’surf’.

There are a few different ways to upload your files. If you already know this, skip to the next paragraph. Here they are arranged from the least to the most effort.
Upload and unpack ZIP using Filezilla as I described above!
Look in the filemanager of your hosting cpanel for an ‘unpack’ or ‘extract’ option. You can then upload it in one take. This is not always supported and i,ll recommend using filezilla.
FTP access using Filezilla:
Use an FTP application like i described to access your webhost, and let it transfer the files while you take some rest as it may take a while. Most often supported.

2. Ready For Use:-

There’s no real set-up needed. Just point your browser to the directory where you put all those files (ex. domain.com/surf) and GlypeProxy will pop up. If you don’t like the logo, you’ll have to replace it manually. But if you want a proxy server for personal use, some little branding won’t matter.
proxy server

Users can enter any URL and, after expanding the options, choose to encode the URL, the page, allow cookies, scripts and objects. Encoding the page can help you access some sites that are still being picked up and intercepted, but might give you a corrupt webpage at times.

3. Setting Up Admin Preferences:-

Although Glype is a powerful proxy script, the admin tools are obviously the backing power. You might not know this, but a lot of online proxy tools are powered by Glype, just like the one you just set up. The admin preferences leave room not only for customization, but for improvement. You can assign site-specific code for trouble-giving websites, and change user-agent and proxy lists.
caching glype

Most useful to novice users will be the caching tools (pictured above), logs, and blacklists. The caching tools can help you improve the browsing speed by storing some files from all, or some of the already visited websites. Logs are off by default, but might have legal importance in the future, depending on who uses your proxy server. Always explicitly mention you’re keeping these logs. Finally, the blacklists will allow you to block (all but) a few sites, or users.

To access your admin panel, point your browser to admin.php on your webserver (e.g. domain.com/surf/admin.php).

Are you setting up your own personal proxy server or else at professional level? Do you have any other tips or experiences on the issue? Let Me know in the comments below!

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TuneUp Utilities 2011 Build 10.0.3000.101

TuneUp Utilities is a maintenance program for Windows famous and winning hundreds of awards since its release to date, and has can make your system faster, more comfortable and more secure with just a few mouse clicks, and all operations performed on the operating system are completely safe, because all changes will the program is monitored by rescue center for the program "TuneUp Rescue Center" so that you can retrieve these changes at any time if there is any problem; and all program modules can be accessed through a common interface is divided into 6 categories.

The software helps both beginners and experts to make Windows meet their needs in terms of ease of use, speed and security, as all options important system are explained in an easy and simple and can be operated with the push of a mouse; and then the software will make the changes necessary in RegistryFix or files bots automatically; the program during the currency of places utmost importance to the stability of the system so you will not find any damage to the system, as it can retrieve any changes made by the program through its own rescue center as we mentioned earlier.
The program is the work of the ongoing maintenance automatically in the background, and tells you any problems exist and suggests that you simple solutions to do what you believe in always strong system in performance and efficient; and so computers have become a slow and messy thing of the past for you; Add to this that you can customize the appearance of Windows that you want to enjoy while using the computer; All of this makes the program the best option of all, it wants to leave the task of maintaining a Windows program to make him leave he will be in charge, and wants to do personally conservation program options are easy and simple.

TuneUp Utilities makes Windows faster, more secure, and comfortable. TuneUp Utilities makes Windows faster, more secure, and comfortable. All important aspects of system configuration, security, cleaning and maintenance are combined under a modern graphical user interface. All important aspects of system configuration, security, cleaning and maintenance are combined under a modern graphical user interface.  

Date of issuance of the program
16-12-2010 16-12-2010

Size Size
20 MB 20 MB

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Flood a website with denial of service attack

What is a Denial Of Service Attack?

A denial of service attack (DOS) is an attack through which a person can render a system unusable or significantly slow down the system for legitimate users by overloading the resources and servers, so that no one can access it in simple words overloading it to death.
If an attacker is unable to gain access to a machine, the attacker most probably will just crash the machine to accomplish a denial of service attack,this one of the most used method for website hacking

Types of denial of service attacks

There are several general categories of DoS attacks.Popularly, the attacks are divided into three classes these are:

bandwidth attacks,
protocol attacks
logic attacks

What is Distributed Denial of Service Attack?

In DDOS attack, The attacker launches the attack using several machines. In this case, an attacker breaks into several machines, or coordinates with several zombies to launch an attack against a target or network at the same time.
This makes it difficult to detect because attacks originate from several IP addresses.If a single IP address is attacking a company, it can block that address at its firewall. If it is 30000 this is extremely difficult. It can also e done by modifying a torrent file since large number of users are downloading the file, I have coverd this area see my another post at Ddos attack.

Damages made By Denial of service attack:

Over past years Denial of service attack has made huge amount of damage,Many of the have been victimed of this attack
Its Real,On February 6th, 2000, Yahoo portal was shut down for 3 hours. Then retailer Buy.com Inc. (BUYX) was hit the next day, hours after going public. By that evening, eBay (EBAY), Amazon.com (AMZN), and CNN (TWX) had gone dark. And in the morning, the mayhem continued with online broker E*Trade (EGRP) and others having traffic to their sites virtually choked off.

This attack also recently hit twitter on 6th August 2009,lot of people had trouble on logging on twitter,It was brought down by denial of service attack,They tired up there server so no one can get on log on it.Websites like facebook,ebay etc have also been victim of this attack.

Now i will show you how you can flood a website with Denial of service attack. For this tutorial we will be using one of the most effective and one of the least known tools called "Low Orbit Ion Cannon", created by Anonymous members from 4chan.org, this program is one of the best for DDoS'ing, and I have successfully used it to DDoS websites. An internet connection as bad as mine (2,500 kb/s) was able to keep a site down for a day with this program running. Remember that this tool will work best with high internet speeds, and try not to go for impossible targets (like Google, Myspace,Yahoo). LOIC is used on a single computer, but with friends it's enough to give sites a great deal of downtime.

Prerequisites: Download LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon). Open up LOIC.
(I am not giving a download link because then i will be accused for exiting hackers,try goggling).

Step 1: Type the target URL in the URL box.

Step 2: Click lock on.

Step 3: Change the threads to 9001 for maximum efficiency.

Step 4: Click the big button "IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZAR!"

Feel free to tweak around with these settings and play around with the program to get the best performance. Then minimize and go do whatever you need to do, the program will take care of the rest!

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Website Hacking with Dot net nuke exploit

In this tutorial I will tell you how hackers use a simple dot net nuke exploit to hack a website, Now the exploit I am talking about is found in hundreds and hundreds on DNN applications and it allows the hacker to upload an image on your server, This type of attack is also called one way Hacking and at the end of article I have also posted some countermeasures to help you defend your self against these kinds of attack

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  Common methods to hack a website
    Note:The Purpose of this tutorial is not to excite hackers but to make your aware of how hackers can Hack your websites

    Google Dork

    A google dork is an act of using google provided search terms to obtain a specific result and this DNN vulnerability occurs only in those websites which have "/portals/0" in their navigation, So goahead and search for inurl:”/portals/0″ where inurl asks the google to display all the url's who have /portals/0 in their navigation

    1.Lets say the vulnerable website is:


    2.Now we will just add Providers/HtmlEditorProviders/Fck/fcklinkgallery.aspx after the url so www.vulnerablewebsite.com/portals/0 will become www.vulnerablewebsite.com/portals/0Providers/HtmlEditorProviders/Fck/fcklinkgallery.aspx

    3.Now a website is vulnerable to this type of attack you will get a similar windows like the below one:
    ( Note: For security Reasons I am not showing the site name.)
    After selecting the third option, replace the URL bar with below script


    After running this JAVA script, you will see the option for Upload Selected File. Now select you image file which you have renamed as SHM.jpg & upload here. Go to main page and refresh...THAT,S IT you have hacked the website.
    (SHM.jpg must be image at homepage. Or else if any other image is present just use same name and replace that image)
    Note: Updated Version of Post here 

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    How To Hack Facebook Chat Application

    In this post I will tell you how your can hack facebook chat application to run it from any windows, Using this hack you will be able to chat with your freinds on other browser pages, So here is the step by step guide to hack facebook chat application.
     Note:This trick to hack facebook chat application works for firefox browser only

    1.First of all log into your Facebook account

    2.Next visit the following link:
     3.Next press control D and bookmark the Page
    4.Next click on the bookmark option at the top beside history button and right click Facebook chat at the bottom and Check load this bookmark in the sidebar and click on ok

     Now you can load Facebook chat application from any browser

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