Build Your Own Url Shortener For Free!

 Today i will show you on how to create your self-hosted url shortner service. Since, we know all that we often tweet and post our links to facebook and before posting we make then short, if the URL shortner service is down then those links might not work and what will be the result "A BLANK PAGE". So i will prefer my own URL shortner service and short URLs are easy to remember too.

Download the following open source software as a url shortner platform (ITS FREE SINCE ITS OPENSOURCE):

 Download Kissabe

Installation Process:
The install is really pretty simple.

1. Get yourself a domain name from Godaddy and web hosting through HostGator.  Both are solid companies and aren't scam so feel free while signup.

2. Upload all of the files to where you want it installed (e.g. the root of your domain name).

3.Create a new MySQL database called “kissa”

4. Import kissa.sql to your kissa database using the command line or phpMyAdmin (don’t use kissa_v1.sql)

5.Edit config.php and change the MySQL string with your database username and password. Make sure the path to your database is correct (if it’s not localhost).

6. Then edit create.php at line 30 or where is says
$short_url = “$code”;
to read
$short_url = “$code”;

7. Then rename htaccess.example to just .htaccess

8. Start shortening!

Let me know your opinions!