Bypassing Internet Surfing Restrictions

Sometimes, you are in your office or university or in a school but the administration has blocked certain site e-g facebook, twitter, orkut and many others to prevent there surfing so that you may not waste time. Today, we will tell you some ways to bypass such restrictions and to surf freely.

Creating your own proxy:
The simplest way is to create your own proxy with the help of the tutorial which i have shown you in last days. Read it>>
In this type you will just need a server (Get a free hosting) and then upload the glype package there. Simple, we have noticed that its quite good solution since we can surf a large number of sites from here.
This is my own proxy below:

Using Google translator:
Another simple method is to go to . See pic:

As you see that i have inserted URL in the box. After inseting click translate.

Replacing URL with IP :
A simple trick is to change URL with the IP. For this purpose,
Go to CMD,
Type nslookup
Hit enter, you will get ip (2nd one is website ip, First is your), Now put this numbered value in browser, sometimes it works because only names
are blocked in some cases.

Getting 3rd party Proxies:

Its a simple method, Go to following sites, you will get many proxies to surf for free, however surfing speed may be less in case of some,

Simply select any proxy, input url there and its done.

Using TOR to bypass restrictions :
Read our tutorial to implement TOR with firefox and after activating all the process. You will bypass
country restriction also, But not in all cases.
Read TOR tutorial>>

Using Hotspot Shield to Bypass restrictions:
You Can use Hotspot too inorder to bypass any kind of internet usage ban, Because it will mask your ip address, Simply go here and read the whole post inorder to know how to use it.

So, here are some common tricks a shared. Share this and Bookmark also.