Enable "Folder Option" and "Task Manger" In Xp!

Often we are using Xp and we plugin Usb drive and if Usb drive is infected with a virus then after opening the Usb it may execute with an "Autorun.inf" file and all the files will easliy execute infecting all the hard disk as well as your precious data and the "Task Manager" as well as "Folder Options" including "Cmd" are disabled. So, Here i am telling you on how to re-enable them and also how to remove this virus. Its normally caused by Brontok .

How to Enable programs effected by it:
Here’s a tool called Remove Restrictions Tool (RRT) which is able to re-enable all what the virus had previously disabled, and gives you back the control over your own computer.

RRT Sergiwa Antiviral Toolkit Personal
As you can see in the screen shot that it has a large number of registry tweaks inside.

How to remove virus: 
I will rather suggest to Use Nod 32.
I got a lot of free removal tools you can use to easily remove Brontok virus further you can also use google.

1. CompactbyteAV

2. GData Anti…Worm

3. Sophos BRONTGUI

4. Kaspersky Brontok Removal Tool

5. BitDefender Brontok Removal Tool

6. Brontok Washer(Most Effective against Brontok Virus)

7. OgAV

Choose to run either one to clean Brontok virus from your system. If you have the time, you can run all of them but not at the same time. Do it one by one just to be 100% sure that Brontok virus is completely removed.