Encryption and Decryption

Today i am giving a short tutorial on how to encrypt and decrypt you messages, texts and any other sensitive information which you just want to be read by the one whom you are sending. I will make use of online encryption and decryption databases. Crypo.com and string-functions.com
There are lots of encryption methods and also decryption methods to do on. I will elaborate by simple examples.

So i want to encrypt the following string :
www.hackersthirst.com in order Base 64-Reverse-String to Hex

a. So, to start with encryption, go to: http://www.crypo.com/eng_base64e.php
and enter our string or text: www.hackersthirst.com in the text box. Hit on "Encrypt" to get the encrypted Base 64 password.
Its : d3d3LmhhY2tlcnN0aGlyc3QuY29t

b. Now, next we have to Reverse the string obtained from step a. So, go to:
and enter the string from step a in the text box and hit on Reverse. Copy the string from second box.
Its : t92YuQ3cylGa0Nnclt2YhhmL3d3d

c. Next is to encrypt with Hex. Go to: http://www.string-functions.com/string-hex.aspx
and enter the string copied in step b. Hit on Convert to get:

So, this is our final encrypted string or text.

So, we are given the above encrypted text or string and need to get the actual real password.
The encrypted password we need to decrypt is:

Since Encryption order is: Base 64-Reverse-String to Hex
while decrypting, we need to follow exact opposite order.

So, Decryption order becomes: Hex to String-Reverse-Base 64

a. We have to convert Hex to String. Go to:
and enter the encrypted password. Hit on Convert and copy the resultant string.
Its: t92YuQ3cylGa0Nnclt2YhhmL3d3d

b. Now, to reverse this string, go to:
and reverse it. Copy the reversed string.
Its: d3d3LmhhY2tlcnN0aGlyc3QuY29t

c. To decrypt using Base 64, go to:
Enter the string copied in step B and hit on Decrypt. Thus, now, you get your final string or text: www.hackersthirst.com

Thus, you have successfully decrypted your text.

So i have demonstrated the use of encryption and decyption. You can use any other order in this way.