Hack ip address

If you want to hack ip address then here is a post for you.

Before proceeding download angry ip scanner

After this install it to your system and open program bu running it.

A window will pop up,here you will see an option IP Range , in this option write the range of ip address for e.g to (as suggested there can be 200 ip addresses)

Now Go to Tools->Preferences and select the Ports tab. Under Port selection enter 80 (we need to scan for port 80). Now switch to the Display tab, select the option “Hosts with open ports only” and click on OK.

(NOTE:In the image the version used is 3.0, in other versions user should go to options instead of tool)

Now click on start and you will be given ip addresses

Now copy any ip address into your browser address bar and a page will pop up asking username and password,almost 80% of ip addresses have password and username of 'admin' so enter this in the password and username and all information will come infront of you in a moment . Now you can easily do anything with this ip address.

(NOTE: hackersthurst will not be responsible of your any destructive step)

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