Keyboard Shortcuts for post editor in Blogger

Today i am giving you keyboard shortcuts during making a post for the blogger. I know that pretty simple but many people still don't know this.If i forgot some of the shortcuts then provide in comments.

Keyboard Shortcuts Function
CTRL + Z To Undo
CTRL + X To Cut
CTRL + C To Copy
CTRL + V To Paste
CTRL + B To Bold
CTRL + A To Highlight all the text
CTRL + S To Auto Save and Keep editing
CTRL + D To Save as Draft
CTRL + F To Find a Word or Phrase
CTRL + G Indic Transliteration
CTRL + Y To Redo
CTRL + U To Underline
CTRL + I Change To Italic
CTRL + P To Publish the post
CTRL + SHIFT + P To Preview the post
CTRL + SHIFT + A To Insert Hyperlink