Change Text on XP Start Button

Today i will show you how to change text in xp start button, Since default text is "start". We can change it into whatever we want.I will use Resource hacker and a bit registry editing for this purpose. Be care while doing this and make a backup of important files discussed below. Now, In order to perform this hack Just follow my simple steps:
1. Download Resource Hacker from here.

2.Locate EXPLORER.EXE (Make Backup of it) in your Windows directory ( The directory is found in the drive where you have installed youe XP ) to another directory.

3.Start the hex editor i-e resource hacker.


5.Go to “string table” & to “37″ click on 1033.

6.You will see “start” written on the next table.

7.Now just replace the Start letters with any of your choice (up to 5 characters only IMPORTANT).

8.Compile the script & save it (use Save as).

9.Rename this file as any name say hackersthirst.exe

10.copy it in your windows directory.

11.Open registry editor navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon double click “shell".
12.Enter name of your new explorer(hackersthirst )in this case.

13.Restart to see changes.

Note: Remember to make up a back up copy (as i mentioned above) of your registery before making this hack as there is a chance of crashing of your system.

What to do upon crashing of system:

Open the TASK-MANAGER and in new task enter “regedit”
In the resultant window undo the changes which we have made before ( i.e., renaming hackersthirst to explorer again).

Enjoy the cool hack.