E voting(insecure way)

(in this we won't tell you how to hack)

This article is about to shock you.I am writing a disadvantage of E voting and i think this disadvantage is used as advantage for politicians in almost every country.

There was an age in which people had no computers and calculaters,In which peope used to cast vote on poling stations, as technology increases it's way of threatening also increases.Now a days there is an in process of E voting(electronic voting) in which people cast vote by sitting on internets and by enjoying they chose their leader but that enjoyment can take them to well of death and opression.Today if there is 100 ways of security and there would be 1000 ways to hack those 100 ways,seems like world is going in wrong direction.Ht have no meanings of producing generation of hackers or bad generation who exploits it's on state,this site is for comp lovers as we ,team of ht,is comp lover and we know how much thirsty we are in getting information about comps.A bad guy can't feel like this.Well back to the point

Nowadays about 20% of votes are casted through internet but people don't know that E voting can easily be hacked through bugs and glitches.it's totally and insecure way to cast votes i would suggest you to cast vote on poling stations cause 20% of people are enough to change the side.

(this post was for to inform you,cause in anyway this type of hacking is not good)