Facebook Wall Flooding (Script and How to guide)

Hello All of you! Thanks to those who have subscribed to hackersthirst, We always try to provide you most working information, Today, i am giving you a facebook wall flooder exploit. With which you can post any thing at your friends wall without any limits, i mean you can also post 100 posts at a time or more.

Things you will need:
1. A free hosting.
2. Facebook Flooding Script.
3. Key to activate the script at friend's wall.


1. Make a free hosting acount at following websites: 

Update: A reader of Hackers Thirst who has also commented below faced a problem in case of hosting, As scripts don't work, So leme tell you that its recommended to use 0fees.net hostings or 000webhost.com , Since in many cases 110mb and t35 won't work for you, when you will use the remote java execution command in browser address bar as mentioned below in end.

a. 000webhost.com (recommended)
b. t35.com
c. 110mb.com
Or google for free hosting.

2. Download facebook wall flodding script from below:

Download Facebook Wall flooding Script
(If you can't download file by completing survey then give me your email id below in comments! I,ll Mail you this script remember to subscribe to hackersthirst)

After downloading upload this file flood_fb_hackersthirst.js to your free hosting, If you don't know how to upload then follow my following
video tutorial:

Uploading your files to a website or hosting

After uploading the script your note the path of your script, e-g

3. Using the key i-e Key_fb_flodder_hackersthirst.txt (As it appears in downloaded package):
Open Key_fb_flodder_hackersthirst.txt present in the downloaded package, And change website.com to your own hosting address,

Now say it becomes, "//yourwebsite.com/flood_fb_hackersthirst.js" , Then copy the whole key as said in the text file and go to your victim's wall which you want to flood, Paste this key in the browser address bar.
Now hit enter, You will be promted for the message to be posted and then write your message, afterward you will be promted to write the number of messages to be posted, Write number there e-g 6.

Note: Hackers Thirst will not be responsible for any Individual harm cuased by the script, Its just for educating our readers, and to make them safe from such attacks. Don't post excess messages, Facebook can also ban you.