File Sharing on windowsXP SP3(awesome feature)

This post is about windowsXP SP3 exclusive feature.If you have WLAN connection then it may be a very informative and helpful post for you,if you have broadband or something which include wire connection then it might not help you.This post will tell you how to upload files on internet from your pc docs.


Suppose you want to share *my pictures* folder,simply open *my documents* and right click on folder icon labelled *my pictures*.Whithin the context menu,click on the *sharing and security*
menu item.This will open the properties box for that folder.In the sharing tab move your mouse pointer to the second frame and click on*network setup wizard*.

This wizard guides you through differebt steps,and you may choose to stick with default options in each step.Once the wizard completes hit *finish* button and your computer will be ready to share the folder and it's contents on your WLAN.

Back in the *sharing* tab of the *properties* dialog,check the options labelled *share this folder on the network* and give your shared folder a name.This name will be visible to all users who are allowed to access the folder over the network.If you don't want contents of the folder to be changed over net then it gives you option -read only folder-.
Once you are done click finish.To check your folder whether it has been successfully shared on net or not,type*//*in the address bar followed by your computer's name,and press *go*.use the same address that you've just entered in the address bar(//yourpc'sname//) to access this folder from any computer on WLAN.