Gmail Hacking By Phishing Page

This post will show you on how to hack a gmail account by using a phishing method. Or in simple words by using a fake page and bit social engineering. Lets start the tutorial:

Note: I am posting this just for educational purpose don't try to misuse this.
1. Download the gmail phishing page and script from this link.
Password for the archive:

2. Get some free hosting from or or, and upload the extracted package there i-e upload index.htm, input.php.
Learn how to upload from here.

3. Give the link to the victim of the index.htm e-g . Ask him to login and be bit tricky, You can also email victim and by hyperlinking the link to something like gmailverification etc, and write in email that we are checking that whether your acount is active or not, Inshort words be social engineer. It depends on you.

4. When victim logs in with your uploaded page he will be redirected to input.php and thus input.php will create a file name passwd.htm in your hosting. Open this file with filezilla and see, You will get email and password of victim.

How this phishing works?
1. In order to log the text of the victim i created a php script and named it as input.php and connected it to the forum of the login fields of Email and Password, Like this, See Below:
This is login forum:

This is Coding behind this login forum:
You can see that in  <forum action there is input.php value, So what you will write in Username and password it will be logged. That is basic phishing theme also.
Remain safe from such attacks and always look at the browser address bar for safety, If the url is something like then its fake.