Installing Ubuntu 10.10 and Windows (Vista+Seven) Together

If you want to install dual operating system, then its a good choice for learners to use ubuntu as a secondary platform, We can install both windows and ubuntu together without making ubuntu virtual, in last post i told you on how to install linux at virtual software, but its quite different, It will promt you at startup that whether to start ubuntu or windows like the pic below:

Lets start the guide how to make it possible:

1.Download ubuntu iso from here:
Download Ubuntu Iso

2. Grab Wubi:
Download Wubi

What is wubi?
Wubi is an officially supported installer for Windows users that allows Ubuntu to be installed and uninstalled in a safe, easy way as with any other Windows application.

3.Starting installation:

Put ubuntu 10.10 iso and latest wubi in same folder, double click wubi and this window will appear:

Follow the guide as shown in pic, After its installation, restart pc, and at the boot menu of your, select ubuntu installation, After its installation you will we able to run both operating systems windows as well as ubuntu.

Congo, you have just done,