Installing Xp From Backup in 5 Minutes-Ghost Method

Today i am going to show you that how can we reinstall xp in just 5 minutes. Often we install xp from disc on a dvd disc, And many newbies install viral programs in there computer accidentally and thus there computer is affected. Now, they have to install new windows again and have to spend 1hour or more with computer to make it look like similar to the last windows installed in computer. So, that would be lengthy process and often we use that infected windows without caring for the virus to save time but conclusions are bad:
1. Hard Disk is effected causing bad sectors.
2. Hard Disk is rendered Useless.
3. Speed of computer Slows Down.
4. Data of the computer starts Junking.
5. Your computer goes towards silent death slowly.
Instead of the harms caused above we must install a new windows copy. But how will you feel? If you can just restore your same windows from a backup or i must called a ghost in no time? Yes, It is possible. Now read my tutorial, I think hackersthirst is first to give such information.

Step 1:
Note: Skip this if you have already installed windows xp according to your requirements and your system is clean from viruses.
Install Windows Xp from a bootable disk or a Boot able Usb drive. You can purchase a disk from microsoft or else get one pirated version from the market. The most important thing is this that while installing Windows Xp Format C:/ into Fat32 format to make it Ghost Compatible. After this, Install softwares which you like the most and also setup your desktop according to your will. So, that Ghost may contain same settings or i must call your favourite settings.

Step 2:
Download the ghost application from Norton Ghost. Its Norton Ghost and we are sharing here. After downloading it from the internet. After download, Copy Ghost.exe and paste it to your any partion, Except the one where windows is installed. Commonly its installed in C:/ so don't paste ghost.exe in C:/.
In step 3 while making your own DOS bootable disk you can also write Ghost.exe this in that bootable DOS disk instead of pasting in Hard Disk partition.

Step 3:
You will need a windows 98 or 95 version DOS to run the Ghost.exe. For this purpose there are two steps and also you will need a usb or cd-rom. CD-ROM is better.
1. Make your own Bootable DOS disk.
2. Purchase windows 98 Disk from market, Since now its old and you will get it on low price also. Or get a pirated version form internet and make bootable USB disk But prefer making a CD.
a)Making your own bootable DOS disk:
Just download the DOS bootable disk package from here. After downloading, extract it and write the whole data to the disk by a writeable cd-rom and then You just need to boot from it.

Step 4:
Now either you are using a windows 98 disk or a bootable dos disk prepared by step3 a), You need to start DOS from it. After running dos, Type the path of the Ghost.exe whether its written in the bootable DOS disk or else its in the hard disk partition. Say, Its located in E:/Ghost.exe , So, just type E:/Ghost.exe in the DOS and it will run, Now if you have written it in bootable disk then lets say your CD-ROM is G:/ and you have written it to G:/Ghost.exe now just type G:/ and you will be in G:/ and type Ghost.exe or else directly type G:/Ghost.exe , And thats it Application will run in DOS Mode.
Tip: Simply writing Ghost instead of Ghost.exe will also execute the application.

Step 5:
Now, You have pre-installed , Virus safe windows Xp in C:/ and you want to make ghost of it so that in case of a viral attack you may restore this Xp similar to one when you have made ghost of it. That is the basic concept in other words its a backup. After running application, Go here Local>>Partition>>To Image if you just want to make backup of C:/ for making backup of whole Hard Disk into another Hard Disk go to Local>>Disk>>To image, See Pic:
And now choose where you want to place the backup file, It will be in ghost format. Select any other partition except C:/ or where the windows is inatalled. After this progress bar will appear:
So thats it you are done.You will notice that whether xp is of 5Gb or 3Gb but ghost will be 3Gb or 1Gb respectively due to high compression ratio. You can write this ghost to Compactdisk also.

Restoring Backup form ghost file or In other Words re-installing Windows XP:
Now, whenever you want to reinstall Windows Xp, Simply boot from DOS CD and Head to the ghost.exe where ever it is located. and Go to, Local>>Partition>>From Image. Tell the path of the image and thats it It will extract the image back to C:/ and your windows will be similar to the one which you have installed a long time ago.If you have made ghost of entire Hard Disk to another Hard Disk  then go to Local>>Disk>>From Image. And Extract the windows.The restoring time will be 5 minutes only or else if ghost is large then it will be 7 minutes.