Trojan horse Generator (Easiest Way)

Today, i am going to teach you how to creat your own trojan virus with a software,it's too much easy,like a plain sailing and everyone can understand it.Read my short guide and enjoy having fun with your own trojan


>:Getbatch trojan generator . downlod here


1: Download trojan generator and open it .

2: A window will pop out like this one:

and type "1" to make trojan and "2" to exit.

3:Now software will ask about the type of trojan you want to make,so fill each blank according to your desire like this

4:Now it will promt many options like below enter "y" for yes "n" For no:
After filling all the blanks it will make a file in an unknown place with the name TROJAN.

5:Now go to search column of your windows and search for "trojan".Your window will show you results with the name of trojan,find a batch file in them with name of trojan.bat which is your own trojan virus.

To put this trojan in startup and to play more read the post below by Wamiq Ali:
Virus Making With TextPad