10 Tips for Securing Yourself At Facebook - Most used Social Network

facebook security
During last few years, Facebook has become very famous and they are also trying to make it more secure and safe with the passage of time, also user friendly. Facebook interface is totally changed now and it will keep changing since technology and progress doesn't stop. I received many emails asking me a question that :
"My Facebook profile has been hacked, please! help me to take it back!"
But personally its bit difficult to take a compromised profile back. All this is possible by some social engineering tricks. So, better is to be secure and more safe already rather than asking for help after after getting hacked. There are many drawbacks of getting hacked as your personal photos can be leaked and your private messaged too. Thats the reason i am posting here at hackersthirst on how to remain or make your online presence secure.The problem is this that even many users don't know how to use security features provided by Facebook. Lets, Take a review of them:

1) Linking your Facebook Account with gmail, hotmail or yahoo for autologin into Facebook:

Infact this feature is quite good, Now assume that your profile has been hacked and the hacker changes email id as well as your password. But if he didn't take notice of the linked accounts then you can access your account. How? lets see, You have linked your google account with facebook, now when ever you log into your google account, cookies are stored in your browser, now you are logged in your facebook linked account i-e google, Navigate to www.facebook.com and thats it you will be logged in automatically after few seconds. Without entering Email ID and Password with the use of cookies.
Inorder to enable this feature, Login to your facebook account. And Navigate to >> Account (At top right corner) >> Account Setting >> Linked Accounts
facebook account linked

And then add your any yahoo, hotmail or gmail account. As there are options given.

2) Specifying Your security Questions for more security and wide recovery options:

Sometimes accounts can also be compromised by guessing security questions of the victim social ID. But Specifying some good and powerful security questions for your Facebook profile is better. But keep in mind:
a) Security question must be about some personal thing which other don't know.
b) Don't use easy questions which can be guessed by others like, What is your father name? In which school did you read? What was your first gift? etc
c) This section is majorly up to your own mind that how much you make it strong, so better make strong personal questions. So that if your account is hacked you may get it back.

For security questions section,Login Facebook, go to Account (At top right corner) >> Account Setting >> Security Question.
security question facebook

3) Remain Safe from phishing Links and giving passwords on fake pages:

Often new Facebook user who are not aware of phishing scams, They open the link given by facebook user and then Login using that page login fields and get hacked, since email id and password is sent to the hacker. Following may be form of phishing page link (If on opening such links you get a similar facebook login page then its a phishing page don't login form there) :
a) www.website.t35.com
b) www.website.100mb.com
c) www.website.0fees.net
b) www.website.co.cc
c) www.website.tk
d) www.website.free
e) www.website.co.nr
c) Bit.ly/facebooknewcredits
And much more smilar to them, If on opening them you get facebook login page, then close your window and don't login from there.
What to do if you have logged in from phishing page?
Answer is simple just change your password. Well, Also facebook will warn you after logging in from fake/phishing page that you have come from a phishing page change your password.

4) Remain Safe from inserting obfuscated java script in browser address bar:

I have created a detailed post in past that how hackers make use of java script to hack your facebook unique email id or fan pages. Kindly Refer here (Remain Safe From Fraud And Identity Theft At Facebook) for detailed information. Inshort, Don't paste any script in the browser address bar while browsing facebook. Since it will be harmful and will steal your id.

5) Browsing Facebook On Secure Connection:

This feature of Facebook will allow to browse in secure connection whenever it is possible. In such case your data sent to server is encrypted by using a scheme and so that it can't be Hijacked. To use this feature go to Account >> Account Setting >> Account Security And then tick the option given in pic below:
account facebook security

6) Receiving SMS and Email Alert when New device logs in your Facebook Account from new location:

This is quite a good Facebook Security Measure, You can receive sms at your mobile ( If you have linked your mobile to Facebook) and an email when another computer logs into your facebook ID with another ip address. To activate this, Go to Account >> Account Setting >> Account Security
facebook login alert
Now, After ticking and Saving settings you will see a prompt appearing when your log into your facebook account that name your device, i-e it may be home, office or etc. and whenever other device logs into the name will be sent to your activated mobile and also email. So that if any new or unknown device logs into your facebook ID then you may know that your account is compromised  and change the password at once.

7) Receiving Temporary password for loging into Facebook at Public place:

If you are at a public place and as a security measure you will like to make or get a temporary password for logging into facebook which will expire after sometime. So that your password may not be logged in any friend, official or public computer. To get one text "otp" to 32665 (Works If you are in US or some other countries too and also your mobile is activated for facebook texts) and you will get s temporary password which will expire after 20 to 15 minutes and can be used in this time interval to be logged into Facebook.

8) Tab-Napping Can be Used to Hack your Social Accounts:

We know a lot of users are using latest browsers in which there is option for tabbed browsing. Now hacker may give you a link in which the tabbed napping script is used and that page on becoming idle for some seconds will redirect you to a phishing page or cookies stealing page and you will not know that did you opened facebook or any other social network or not, you will just log in from there. Read complete article on tab-napping Beware Tab Napping is a new phishing technique. After reading my article you will know new tricks to safe your self from such hacks.

9) Using Trusted Facebook Applications:

Surely there are many fake and spammy application there at facebook. Personally, it depends on your experience that how you indentify scams. There are many application which may redirect you to there own server, also these applications may hack your personal unique facebook mobile id, and these applications can be used to send messages as well as posts updates to your friends wall automatically. Well, There is no application which may change your facebook profile theme, yes it is true also no application can use facebook logarithm to determine that who viewed your pofile. All such things are scams. Also, whenever clicking an image, copy link location by right clicking and then you will know whats behind like there may be:
So, you have come to know that an exe file is embedded in the image which can be trojan or keylogger server. Report to Facebook if you find such applications. And accidentally if you granted access to your account for such applications, then inorder to delete them follow these steps:
Go to Account >> Privacy Setting >> Apps and Websites
facebook application
Now, take your mouse to the right corner of the application which you want to delete, and a pencil icon will apear like this click it:
facebook application edit
After clicking it, you will see menu like this:
delete facebook application
And thats it, Application will be removed on clicking remove app.

10) Remaining Safe from email type social engineering:

Similary phishing pages and other cookies stealing pages links (Keylogger server also) can be sent by using email service. Or also by using fake emails. These emails may urge you to click the link provided. As these emails may say, Click link to claim your 10000 fans facebook page, Click link to claim free farmville gifts, and much more. Read my post on sending fake/spoof emails (how to & purpose) to clear your view that how a hacker may fool you.

For other security measures, Kindly tell me in your comments, Your view is always appreciated......!!