Bypassing New (theater) Photo Viewer in Facebook

bypass facebook theator
Facebook is doing a lot of new things with it-self. Their developers are trying to make it more and more user friendly, However many people have their own specific taste and it is not necessary that they will also like the new and updated facebook. Recently, facebook has upgraded its image viewer, A lot of people didn't like this new change, Including me too as it is annoying also. Therefore we are posting some tricks to bypass it and come back to classic photo viewer instead of theater photo viewer which is new one. This new photo viewer looks like this:
facebook new image viewer

Following are the ways using which we can bypass it!

1) Skipping the new photo viewer by pressing F5:

Yes, Its a small trick and quite handy using which you can easily by-pass this new photo viewer, After opening the photo you may press F5 button provided on keyboard and you will be back to classic photo viewer.

2) Using Right Click:

Whenever you are opening any photo just right click on (thumbnail) it and, as you may be mostly on latest browsers, press open link in a new tab and thats it you will see that photo is viewed in the new tab in classic mode. If you are at old browser then just choose open link in a new window.

3) Removing "&theater" from the link:

Here is another smart trick, open the photo by clicking on it and when the new viewer is loaded, Navigate to the browser address bar and here you will see "&theater" in the url of photo, remove it from there by selecting and hitting back space, after that hit enter and thus you will be in classic photo viewer again.

4) Using Facebook LightBox Killer, Permanent solution:

Well, the smart tricks that i defined above will also be irritating for you and will require time except that right click method, So, here is a permanent solution for by-passing this irritating facebook picture viewer, I am going to provide you an addon that is developed by BetterFacebook, The name of add-on is Facebook LightBox Killer and is supported at Chrome as well as Firefox. Navigate to and install this trust worthy addon, There are many features of this addon, Some are below:
Highlight New Comments
Automatically Remove "RECENT ACTIVITY" From Your Profile
Enlarge Thumbnails On Hover
Disables Light Box
And much more, You can choose between many options which you want to activate or disable, On installing ad-on, Disable light box like this:
Better Facebook
I think these tricks are enough for you. Tell me in comments if you know other ways.