Hiding RATs,Trojans and Keyloggers from Antivirus

Recently , Zain posted how to make a pro rat server to hack victims computer in order to get all the saved passwords, related to Facebook, Twitter, and many others. Also you may get the screen shots of the infected computer. Today, I am telling you how to hide such severs, Torjans and RATs also keyloggers from Antivirus since all are of same kind. Here, we shall use a simple software, also hex editing can be done to make this possible, Later i will post about Hex editing also, Don't worry hackersthirst will be complete guide for those beginners who want to learn such things for getting more secure.

This program is used by programmers and other experts to make there softwares secure from crackers and hackers, We shall use this to make our trojans, Servers, Keyloggers and much more secure in order to hide them from antivirus.
1) First of all download this software from here.

2) After downloading the application, install it and then run it. After running load your any application or trojan which you want to hide from antivirus like this:
3) Select the following options, Like i did below:
4) Now, Select following options and protect your server or trojan.

You are done, You will see that an old and new file is created in that same folder, Like below, I have tested this for Pro-Rat.
Checking With Antivirus:
So, Now lets scan with an updated antivirus:

You may check it with other antivirus, I have scanned using an updated antivirus (Eset as you can see).

Note: You can also use Cyber-gate instead of pro-rat. Also, This trick doesn't work for all Keyloggers and RATs.