Posting In Any Facebook Group Using Any Facebook Profile

This time its again facebook. A new group spamming attack is here which i am going to share. Also i will tell you how to be safe from such attacks. Its a common Hack using which you can post at any group using any other facebook profile. You may think that you have to know about his/her password, No, Thats wrong. Just these things are necessary.

1. Victim's Facebook Email Id
2. Group Email Id (Where you want to spam)

Note: Be responsible Facebook User and don't use this to tease anyone. I am sharing this so that you may secure your groups. Or else you may not be able to figure out what the hell is going on with your groups. :P

1) Now, If you want to post in any group (New Facebook Group) then pull out the admin email id or the one who is allowed to post there.

2) Group email id, Using which you will post VIA email.

3) A fake email sender script. Or service. For detailed tutorial on Fake Emails go here.

4) In fake mailer, Insert the From: field by Vicitm email id (i-e the one using which you want to post in any group) and in the To: field Insert the group email id. and in the Message/Content field type your message then Hit Send. Thats it go to group you will see that his/her same post is appearing.

How to be secure:
This bug has been reported to facebook. They are working at it.
First Safety Measure:
But now what you can do is , Don't apply for group email id and don't get it, as it is not useful from any aspect.
Second Option for safety:
Also Go to to Account>> Privacy Settings>> Customize Setting>>
Navigate at the end of page, And hide your email id from every friend. Like below:

Now, No one can see your facebook email id to do spam in your groups.