Pro Rat Trojan - Spy Others Computer (Hack Facebook, Twitter Passwords)

Today you will learn in this post to make pro rat trojan. Using which you will be able to hack the whole victim computer including all the Facebook, twitter and other email id's saved passwords. Seems interesting so lets start!

What Is Pro Rat Trojan ?

In short,Pro rat trojan is the type of trojan which uses it's spying ability to spy in your victims computer and let you control it.

Making Of Pro Rat Trojan:

Generally there are lot of ways to make pro rat trojan but I shall teach you the easiest way to make it . Things you need for it are given:
Log onto and get registration there with an account .(I leave this easy part on you, As you might have experience of signing up)

Now download their Dns update client . Run it and by the help of it update your hostname and save it

Now we will PING on our host to check whether our host ip has been associated with the chosen server or not.


It is the good question . Ping is a program that sends a series of packets over a network or the Internet to a specific computer in order to generate a response from that computer. The other computer responds with an acknowledgment that it received the packets. Ping was created to verify whether a specific computer on a network or the Internet exists and is connected.

Back to the point.

Go to RUN and enter CMD in it . A window will pop out , it is the command prompt well you can guess it's work from it's name . Now enter in it PING *NAME OF YOUR HOSTNAME*
,press enter and it would reply with your ip .

After ensuring it that you have been connected to chosen server move to the folder where you have installed the pro rat and open pro rat.exe . A window will pop out , now refer to the photo given bellow .

Click on creat and then click on create pro rat server as given . Now for a window will open and will take necessary information refer to another photo given bellow .

After filling the options click on Create Server and your server would be ready to give out to your victim . Attach it to the file or directly give it to your victim . I left it on you.

Note: You can use many social engineering tricks to send the file to the victim. You may also ask the victim to turn of antivirus its a new game. Later I shall post about how to hide your server from antivirus.

When the victim will run the server , Open the pro rat again and goto pro connectivity and click on the button given bellow more refer to the photo:

Thus you can do lots of things using it. You can log all the keys pressed by victim, can take screen shots of his pc. And Much more.

Countermeasures Against Trojan :
Only way to safe your computer from trojan is to keep your computer up to date with the antivirus and use AVG, Norton antivirus or our free NOD . There is the best way install process explorer which let you see trojans in your computer and to reverse them .