Sending Fake/Spoofed Emails (How to guide and Purpose)

A large number of people are using these fake emails utility to fool and fraud with innocent people but we will show you today that how Hackers make it possible and what they want to do by using these emails. Purposes are large but we will discuss some of the common purposes here. Also we will share you some online free service which will allow you to send these fake emails. Similarly how can we make such service at our own. So, Fake emails can be sent from:

1. Using Any Free or premium online fake email service (There are million like this)
2. Sending Such emails by using a php script. (You can make your own)

So, lets discuss these first:
1) Using Fake Email Services:
There are many online free as well as premium services to send fake emails from any address you want with any name used and also with any content to be attached with email. Premium services will give you more options but free can also be used. Here are two fake email senders:
AnonyMailer>>Free Fake Email - Send Fake Mail Pranks Anonymously for Free
Emkei Fake Mailer>>Free Fake email with more options-Attachments also

Search at>> Free Fake email Services, You will get many. However,  all services are regulated and we are sure those can't be used for illegal purposes.

2) Using Fake Email php Script:
A spammer will need a hosting not ordinary one this script will work on such hosting which allows to send emails.One of them is other you may use is Further search google.
  • He will make account at above hosting any of the one and upload his script.
  • He will use php to modify the sender details,  however if the receiver is smart enough then he will get the IP details of the sending server.

To learn how to upload your files to free or paid hostings go here.

Why Hackers Use Fake Emails?
a) The main reason is fraud. They can fool you by using your boss email id and sending a warning that do this or else you will be fired. etc.
b) Can be used to hack your social email acounts. or gmail account lets say. See pic below, A hacker is sending Fake email:

(Click the image to enlarge it)
Now the hacker is trying to fool victim by hyperlinking his phishing page (of gmail) link. Since, now people know that will be fraud page. So, Hackers Use some common social engineering Tips. Now when i will click the link i won't see url in browser (Common Browsing Attitude) since i want to get my donation (As early as possible), therefore i will login and will loose my password. For detailed information on Phishing read these articles:

Protect yourself from spoofed emails:-

Further you have common sense you can estimate that how these fake emails can be used. So, Always be sharp enough to catch such emails and always look at browser URL after clicking such links like login from here etc. Well practically, Why someone will ask you to login to Gmail, Yahoo, Msn or facebook from an email?