How To: Setup Aero Glass Effect in Ubuntu

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Again its ubuntu time, I have found that many common computer as well as laptop users like aero personally, But what is there choice? Yes, Obsolutely Windows Seven, Now what about those machines whose graphic drivers isn't supported by the Microsoft. They can't enjoy Aero interface. Leme tell you that Aero themes mean transparent looking themes as done in mine ubuntu. See the pic at the left. You can enjoy aero in ubuntu running any grpahic driver but it may not be very much outdated or old that it may be of 16mb only. It won't support it well. I have already written that how linux based distributions are good as compared to windows, You can read this article here: Linux Vs Windows Similarly i wrote and published another article to help those who want to install softwares in ubuntu and linux but don't know what to do with terminal. Read this short Guide here as well. And ofcourse here is the small guide for those who have recently switched to ubuntu. Now Lets discuss that how can you enable Aero in Ubuntu:

Follow these steps to use Aero Glass Effect in Ubuntu:

1) Press Alt+F2 to bring up "Run Application" window.
2) Type gconf-editor into the box, click "Run" to bring up Configuration Editor.
3) Browse to apps > gwd, look for "metacity_theme_active_opacity" on the right panel.
4) Change the value in "metacity_theme_active_opacity" from 1 to 0.75 (or smaller such as 0.5 for more transparency).
5) Then go to System > Preferences > CompizConfig Settings Manager
6) Select "Effects" from the left panel.
7) Tick "Blur Windows" and click the "Close" button. (Note: default values in Blur Windows can be applied.)

Note: If the aero glass effect doesn't work in your machine, check if you have updated your display driver. Go to System > Administration > Additional Drivers, activate the recommended graphics driver and restart the system if it further doesn't work then there may be memory problem as I described above.