Bandwidth Stealer For Fast Browsing

Steal bandwidth

If you are in your school's computer lab or in home , this software will always help you in your work . It is common thing to have many computer's connected with one device for internet and it causes your bandwidth to fall down . Here I am introducing a software called netcut which cuts the one's connection in such a crucial condition as I stated, I am stating it as crucial as really it’s a headache causing problem for me I hate slow surfing.When it cuts the one's connection , it automatically increases bandwidth of your connection which will let you work more easily and fastly.

Download Netcut here for Free (Last Updated 12/21/2011):-

You can download this bandwidth stealing software named as Netcut from below:-

Download Netcut Server One

Download Netcut Server Two

Using Netcut :-

1: Download net cut.

2: Extract the software and install it.

3: Now open netcut software and a window will pop-out showing you connected routers.

4:  Just toggle to the computer which you want to cut off like this photo:

Netcut Use

5: And that's it.Now you are free to eat up every last bit of bandwidth. Enjoy Open-mouthed smile