Facebook Profile Stalker (Who is Viewing Your Facebook Profile) - Facebook Scam

Facebook profile Viewer Scam
I have seen many people getting infected from such scams, And thus scams are also promoted due to people foolishness as they are not much aware of security and common social engineering tricks, Recently i came up with a new Facebook scam and thus i have decided to make a post at hackers thirst about it.

Who is Viewing your Facebook Profile a scam (Commonly called as Facebook Profile Stalker):-

Yes, This is absolutely a scam which states  that a user of Facebook is able to know that how many people have viewed there Facebook Profile if they will use their application, But Leme tell you that all such things are totally fake and thus you will get involved in the propagation of such things, Via Chat messages, Inboxes and Wall Posts to friends' walls without your knowledge that you are propagating a spammy and scam application. In other words a lame application which will just involve in spam. So, Don't follow links which are clamming that you will be able to know that who has viewed your profile.

How: this Scam Works:-

First of all one of your friends use this scam to know that who has viewed his profile, after that it get posted at your wall and in curiosity you click that link, After that your ip address is used to locate you and say if you are in lahore, Pakistan Following ialog Box will come :
First Spamm
This is lame, And 5 is only Fake number. After that following steps will be asked you to be done, Like copying the java script and then pasting it in your browser address bar while using Facebook, See the pic:
Steps of Spam Profile Viewer Facebook

After this you will copy script and paste that in browser address bar and will hit enter while using facebook as told in this hack. But Stop have you check that Java script? All the Scam and Auto Spamming is based at that script, I have checked that Java Now!

What: that Profile Stalker Fake Java Script Will Do:-

First of all if you know that java script then in the "Copy This Text" Dialog box you can know the path of Java Script, Like See this Below:
 The bolded portion is the path of the script, You can put that path in browser address bar and hit enter after that you can easily see the coding infront of you in the browser.
First Section Of Script:
It Will create a dialog box, That Please Wait Loading Your results, As you can see below (Background is Set to a pic hosted at Tinypic):
Dialog fake facebook scam
Second Section Of Script After Asking you for Wait:
After that it will send the highlighted Spam Messages:
Spamm texts
Where: this Spamm Messages Will be Posted:
1) In the Chat Messages to Friends
2) To the Inbox of Friends
3) To the Walls of Friends
4) At your own Wall
I have given all these stats after checking this Java script.
What: Else Will It Do:
It Will automatically make you fan of those pages at Facebook Whose id's are given in the Java Script, Like See Screen Shot Below:
like spamm


Don't Click and Use such Application which claim that you will know that how many people have viewed your profile. Also Never put java script in you browser address bar while browsing Facebook.Also Don't Use links claiming OMG! and Look What an Amazing and All Such that!
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