It is said that computer is your child . If you safe it then you safe your child . So,won't it be interesting to find whether you have an electronic girl or boy.Today I will show you how you can find it Just try it, Its amazing.

Finding Gender Of Computer:-

There is a notpad techinque to find it
Open notepad and enter the following command.
CreateObject(“SAPI.SpVoice”).Speak” what is my gender? ”
Now goto FILE
Select the fourth option SAVE AS
Now change the save as type to ALL FILES
And give your file a name of Gender.vbs
Now save it and you are done . Open gender.vbs and your computer will speak what is my gender?

Observe the sound . If your computer is a girl then it would speak in female voice and if it is a boy then it would speak in male voice, Interesting? Isn't it :-D.