Hide Keyloggers and RAT’s By Using Binders

Binder for rats keyloggers

Binders have great importance for playing social engineering tricks over victim whom you want to hack by use of some key loggers, RAT’s and Trojans etc. These will help you a lot in order to hide your server from human eye and these are capable of encrypting your server too, In order to hide them from antivirus eye. Today I,ll show you some binders using them you can combine your keylogger and RAT server with any image or an application too. Well, in market there are many paid cryptors and binders present but I,ll share some free binders with you.Open-mouthed smile

Now the thing is this that often we think that mp3, jpeg and png and other related things are free from viruses and malwares, May be this hypothesis is true but how can we state this? That is the reason I am making this post we can even bind our trojan and keylogger in a mp3, jpeg and png file. I,ll cover this security Section later in another post, Just in order to get updated.

What is Binder – Brief Intro:-

A binder is a simple program in kb,s or else nearly 1mb and is used to hide a keylogger or trojan in any other file like jpeg, png and mp3 and thus we can change the icon of the newly created output, Also we can use binder to combine an application with a trojan and keylogger and save it with different icon and name, When victim will run it he will think that it’s a trusted application but in background binded trojan will also run. That is the basic scheme hope you may get it now.Some binders are given below:-

Simple Binder By Nathan – Free Binder :-

Nathan Binder

It is quite simple and can be used in seconds without installing. You can combine image with any .exe trojan as you can see and in the FILE#1 I have given the path of the image and after that in FILE#2 I have given path of the trojan which is to be binded, It is quite useful for script kiddies too as its much easy Smile with tongue out. You can fool victim by telling him that its just and image file of yours own pic Open-mouthed smile. You can download it from here:-

Download Free Simple Binder by Nathan

Weekend Binder By Nathan – Free Binder:-

Weekend Binder

This is also quite good binder which can be used easily without any installation process and we can bind two applications with each other like one should be genuine and other should be the server of RAT like I did in the screen shot above. I have Given an image file in the File#1 (You can use any file which you want Smile) and in File#2 I have given the server.exe which is to be binded. Now tick bother Execution options if you want both files to be executed in the victim computer. In order to download this Weekend Binder by Nathan for free see below for download link:-

Download Free Weekend Binder By Nathan