Labeling Usb/Cd/hard disk with custom icon and background image–Small hack

label usb-cd-dvd with own custom icon and background_thumb

I am going to share a small way with which you will be able to label your USB/CD-DVD and Hard Disk with your own custom designed icon as well as a background image, when you will plug that USB or insert CD in any computer your own created icon and a personalized background containing your photo will occur, Background will appear when you will open that USB/CD or Hard Disk partition. We will use small hack and will use small pieces of code in notepad and will save them as .inf extension. So that is the basic theme. You can use this for hacking too Smile with tongue out by using small common sense on the piece of code which I,ll use in notepad. Well lets start the tutorial I,ll show how I have changed the icon of my hard disk partition as well as of my own written CD in combo. Well when you will open CD or drive similarly you can setup an image at the background of the whole windows , A nice trick.

How to label USB/CD/Hard Disk with custom icon – Step 1:-

First of all make an icon with .ico extension so that It may be acceptable by windows.Well I think you may need a tip here, make any photo in .png extension in adobe photoshop and size should be of 32X32 after that save it as .png. Now open web browser and go to iconverticons . Just upload the .png file and hit convert and get the .ico file of the same image. So, After that open notepad and type this:


Here, icon is the name of the icon file which you have created and in case of USB if you want to infect anyone's computer then you can start any application automatically too by just typing the name of that application in the above code in notepad, suppose it is setup.exe now just introduce that in code and you are done Smile with tongue out so in this way you can use it for hacking too Open-mouthed smile but its just useful in case of usb / cd .

Save this notepad document as Autorun.inf , so that its extension won’t be as .txt otherwise it won’t work.

Note:- The icon file and the setup if any must be in the CD/ USB or the hard disk in case of USB write all files after following step two and must not be in any folder these all files must be in the root.

How to change background of USB/CD and Hard Disk from white to an image – Second Step:-

Create any image and name it as hackersthirst.jpg after that open notepad and type this in it":


After typing this save it as desktop.ini be carefull that it should not have .txt extension.

After this copy both images and desktop.ini in the hard disk or USB.

Now in case of CD/DVD write Autorun.inf, dekstop.ini , hackersthirst.ico and hackersthirst.jpg in the CD/DVD along with other data. Thus icon and background will change.

Note:- If the background image won’t show up in background in Windows Seven, then I,ll post a new hack later for that, however I have checked it in Windows Xp all versions it works perfectly But for all version of Windows Seven I am note sure.