New Facebook Scam "Osama Censored Video Leaked" Hitting Users

obama scam facebook

This time its a scam information update for all my readers and it is related to facebook, as it is number one in ranking traffic vise and also a large number of people use it thats why for keeping you all up to date i am posting this, As you can see in the screen shot at left that the scam claims to have something secret in it and surely many people will click it to watch the fake censored video but what will be the result that there account will be used as a carrier for spam and thus this spam will autmatically be forwarded to the friends wall, Similarly i have investigated a bit more and some of such kinds of scams ask victims to follow the shown instructions after clicking the link to unlock the censored video, But what will be the result that after following instructions you will only be harmed and your account may be compromised but no such video will appear. You can see well that the creator of such scam has shortened all the URL,s so that the original URL,s may not be banned from facebook soon!

Different Forms Of this "Osama Leaked Video Scam":-

obama scam facebook
Similarly its another scam of same kind, They have used a picture like the video thumbnail to fool you and all facebook users, Since a video thumbnail looks like this picture and victim will get deceived and will click it thinking a video, But if you see below is written, which is URL shortner service.
obama scam facebook
See to fool you a play icon is used in thumbnail. So, that you may think it a video But its obvious for an experienced user that it is fake.

What to do with this "Fake Osama Video" Spreading Scam:-

Wherever you find this scam and any link related to it, Just report it to Facebook and there crew will take notice of it soon and will block it at Facebook. And don't click it If you have opened it accidentally then please don't follow the instructions to watch the video as nothing will happen except your own loss.