Protect Your Computer From autorun viruses and worms - Make USB Disk more secure

USB autorun viruses
Now-a-days many computer users are facing problems regarding viruses and worms, These worms may be very harmful as well as computer speed consuming too. This is not in the case of internet users only many computers which are not connected to internet have also such viruses and malwares installed in them, Now what is the source of such viruses and woms? Many of you don't know that even the usb drive may have some virus in it which can replicate itself at its own. Yes, I am talking about autorun.inf viruses, Today i am going to discuss ways to make your pc secure from such viruses.

How these autorun.inf worms and viruses propagate?

By default, Windows system enables an Auto Play function. When you plug in a USB disk or CD, Windows loads and executes a file named AutoRun.ini, which is the list of predefined tasks and in these predefined tasks running of viral programs is included, These programs play with registry files and as a result task manager get disabled and much more can happen. You can read this post to know how to repair back infected windows. The virus reproduces itself into the disk and modifies this file, so that when the file is executed, the virus is able to reside into the system.

Installing a good antivirus software:

If you will  install a good antivirus software which will update at daily basis then its difficult that your computer get infected, as antivirus will automatically locate and kill the processes of autorun.inf file located in usb disk and which is trying to execute miscellaneous programs, I have already posted a good antivirus software along with its cracks, Try it, Its Nod Smart Security , Also you can try USB Disk Security, But often we have to plugin USB in other computers where antivirus is not present then follow the below methods.

Immunizing USB from Viruses and Worms - Manual Method:

1) Open a command prompt by click Start -> Run. Type cmd and hit the Enter key.
2) In the command prompt, create a directory in the root directory of the USB drive (By Pointing cmd to the  USB disk VIA its drive letter like if its G:/ then type G:/ and hit enter) with command:
mkdir AutoRun.ini
3) Move into this new directory with command:
cd AutoRun.ini
4) Create a new directory with command:
mkdir a...//
5) Exit the command prompt window with command:
Remove the USB-Disk from the computer and now its immune. And whenever you will plug it into a infected computer the USB won't get infected.

An Auto-application for immunizing USB Disk - The USB immunizer from BitDefender:

For years, Autorun-based malware has been atop of the worldwide e-threat landscape, with notorious representatives such as Trojan.AutorunInf, the Conficker worm (Win32.Worm.Downadup) or Worm.Autorun.VHD.

The USB immunizer is BitDefender's response to this growing issue. This small utility is divided in two sections.

The Immunize option allows you to immunize your USB storage device or SD card against infections with autorun-based malware. Even if your storage device has been plugged into an infected computer, the piece of malware will be unable to create its autorun.inf file, thus annihilating any chance of auto-launching itself.


Download USB Disk Immunization software From here its free to use.