Security Update For PTCL BroadBand Users - Critical

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In Pakistan a lot of people don't know that there modem/router can be exploited if its provided by the PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd.) and there computer can be hacked if the hacker has a bit of knowledge about networking and about this bug. Now, I have checked it on various computers with ptcl broadband and it seems working, you will be amazed that a computer located in Islamabad can be hacked even we are in Multan.

What is the basic scheme for this Bug in PTCL BroadBand:

Well there is nothing ethical but its just based on human own foolishness, Many people even don't know how to log into modem. Now, Whenever we purchase a modem device from ptcl or else we apply for a new broadband connection, Then a booklet is given in which default passwords are given along with username. Now, A person comes to install modem settings and other things but he doesn't change the default username and password, and now this can be exploited, as if we can get the ip address of the victim then we can easily log into the router/modem by putting that ip adress in the browser address bar, and a dialogbox will popup like this:
ptcl login modem

Now, The Hacker Can put "admin" in User Name and "admin" in Password field and hit enter and he will be in.

Hacker can take your ip address, from various means, During a chat session he can log your ip easily, or also he can point you to his website, Where he will trace out your ip address, Similarly when you comment at any website or blog your ip is always logged and sent to the admin, Therefore you should update your modem settings. Below i,ll show you how to do it,
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Recommended Solution - Updating PTCL modem/router Setting:

GO to brower, Like if you are at Firefox then open it or else use internet explorar, And in the address bar type: , If you get error then follow these steps (Your Default Gateway address may be other):
Now, If you get error then go to "cmd" and type "ipconfig" and hit "enter", Now find default gateway address in the list and use the value given against it, i-e put that in browser address bar see screenshot below:
IP Command
After putting this address in browser address bar, Hit Enter and a dialog box will appear, Like this:

PTCL modem Login

If you haven't changed your password and username, Then follow me, Or else in other condition you are safe:
Go to Management>>Access Control>>Passwords, After that select "admin" as shown in pic, now in old password put "admin" and type below new password, Two times, Now Hit Save Settings and you are done!
password ptcl modem

Happy Safe Internet!