Footprinting for website archive,domains and people i-e Getting Information

Footprinting people and websites

So, here I am with another piece of interesting information which may seem much common but many of the readers I think may not know about it, I have already posted about footprinting and you can read below my previous post at this topic in order to know about footprinting – the first step of hacking in detail.

Footprinting Guide in Terms of Hacking

Now I should come to the main purpose of this post, Today we shall use some sites using them you can find information regarding people and can get how a website looked years back, interesting? right Smile So lets start….!

Extracting a website archive:-

Using you can get that how the company website looked when it was launched, I,ll like to watch that how looked in 1999 then check yourself the results:-

google in 1999

People Search:-

1) Using Yahoo people search you can get a lot information as you can see the screen shot below for the available options to get information about the people.

yahoo people search

2) Similarly you can use best people search to search for people in the same manner, see screen shot:-

best people search

3) Here is another service for getting information about people named is piple, check it out:-


Searching Profile Using Email Address:-

Using , You can find people profiles by just and email address, a whole information will be given, just check it out!


NameCheck Service:-

It gives you information that whether your brand name has been taken or not plus it gives much more common but useful information.Visit here


Getting Necessary Information through Job Sites:-

You can use to get information about companies by just using some job sites there you can find email id’s and phone numbers too and also other information, We can use Google for this purpose like I found there two sites:-

naukri can also be used..!

Footprinting Domain Names to Check Who Owns them and Also which domain has been taken:-

You can use very famous online tool for this purpose which can tell you that who registered the given domain and also you can find out that which domain has been taken.

Whois lookup

Hope you found this simple post informative, Stay connected for more advanced tools!