Hijack into Facebook, twitter or YouTube accounts using just an Android phone

Good day Hackers Thirst Readers.. Its in first guest post and I hope you all will surely like it. Recently, Wamiq Ali, posted about hacking into Facebook. He used Firefox along with a Firefox extension called fire sheep.. This time around we'll do away with having to use a PC.. Instead we will be using only an android phone.. This is very useful if you want to hack a Facebook account of someone and you don't have a laptop. People would even think you were only texting. Here's what you will need:

1- Any android Phone with an app called "FaceNiff"
2- And a Bit brainWinking smile

Yep, that's all. You can download FaceNiff at their website:-
Download FaceNiff

Regardless if the network is encrypted with WEP, WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK as long as you are on the same Local area network or Wi-Fi you could easily sniff and hi jack into anyone's Facebook, Twitter or YouTube account as long as they are logged in.

Steps Used to Hijack accounts using FaceNiff:-

Here are the steps to hi jacking an account:
1. Connect to the network and open the FaceNiff app.

2. Click the red button and it will then turn green when the sniffer is on.

3. Press the enter button and It would show a list of all the accounts you could hi jack into.

4. Click the account you like and you will automatically be logged in.

5. Do what you want with the hacked account.

This works by stealing their cookies and setting it as your own. Therefore you can log in with even knowing his username or password. Enjoy..


About The Guest Author:-
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