Make a 100mb Live/Bootable USB of Puppy Linux - Access computer without OS

puppy linux live usb

Hey All! Hackers Thirst readers, Sorry for delayed post, actually I am busy in some tasks these days and you will also come to know them soon. Here I am with a new post which you will surely enjoy and will turn out to be quite handy for you. Here you will learn:-

  • How to make a Live Linux USB of 100mb size
  • Access a computer without OS using this Live USB
  • Secure your computer by deleting present viruses

How to make 100mb puppy linux Live USB in 4 Minutes:-

1- First of all download Universal USB Installer from here.

2- You will need a USB drive to insert in your PC or Laptop. After inserting USB ( Can be From 225mb to 32gb or more, depending upon which Linux flavor you will install in USB, Puppy is as small as 100mb)

3- After inserting USB, run the application “Universal USB Installer”, and then choose the flavor of Linux Distribution , Like I have selected puppy Linux which is quite small approx. 100mb. Then download the linux.iso which you want to install. You can also download directly from “Universal USB Installer”. See screen shot:-

Install Linux in USB 

4- After this hit “Create”, after that your USB disk will be created and will be processed like this:-

Installin Puppy Linux

5- Now, Your USB disk will be created, after that processing is done restart your computer/laptop and then Boot from USB drive. You may have to enter in BIOS setup (By Pressing F10 depending on you computer/laptop) in order to change boot order. Make USB drive at first priority and hard disk at the second. Like this:-

boot order

6- After setting the boot order save the configuration, and restart.

7- Thus, You computer will now be booted from USB drive rather than Hard Drive and welcome screen of puppy Linux will be shown like this:-

welcome puppy linux

So, You puppy Linux is running from USB drive in just 100mb space.Its also quite fast. Enjoy Using it Smile

How Can we use this Live Linux USB for Accessing Computer which has no OS:-

This USB drive can be used for many purposes and depends on the mind of person which is using and creating it.

1- You can break password of a computer using it, Therefore, the data in the computer must be encrypted and protected so that any third-party intruder may not steal it. Read this post here for complete information:-

How someone can crack Windows Login Password

2- You can use it to take out data from a without operating system computer by just booting that computer from your live USB and then copying data from hard disk and then pasting that data in your flash drive.

3- You can clean virus present in a computer temporary, recycle bin, system volume information like folders which can not be accessed and virus once activated can not be deleted in windows while windows is running. So, you can locate virus and delete that from second OS in which such viruses are useless, and that is surely Linux.Thus your data can be secured.

Thus, We can use our knowledge in many purposes but the purposes must be in right direction, Whenever you take step think that you are not harming any innocent…! That is what we call learn to make things secure..! Smile