SMS Spoofing and Basic Information for safety

SMS Spoofing

Like Email spoofing service there is present SMS spoofing service . Today we will discuss about the SMS spoofing which is being already used by many users on internet.

What is SMS Spoofing?

Using this service you will be able to message any one using any number it means that you will be able to spoof your identity, It can be useful for you in many reasons, likely you don’t want that other person may know your number or else you can use any person number without his/her intention but always use these things in right purpose as misuse may lead to bad consequences.

Method of SMS Spoofing:-

1) Make a free account here.

2) Provide there all the information they need.

3) It's dependent on you whether you write in the promo code and affiliate code or not.

SMS Global

4) Just agree to all terms and in shortly you will receive their subscription feedback.

Thing to Note:- Here I will tell a trick which most of you might have thought already. This site gives 25 free credits means only 25 spoofed messages . So after loosing all credits make another account and take more 25 credits and enjoy.

Note: SMS Spoofing can be done for promotional messages, and for reasons when no harm is intended for the receiving party. This article is for educational purposes.

How to remain safe from fake messages?

 The above service will not allow you to assume any identity. However, there are advanced services and methods which allow spoofing to the extent of changing identity. The users if receive any suspicious message which demand data, money or any other information must first confirm its validity from the source. For example, if someone personifies himself as some company in a spoofed messaged then the user must ask the intended company if the information sought is actually wanted.

Stay Safe!