Dictionary Attack Using Brutus Over a FTP Server–Video Tutorial

Dictionary Attack Brutus

Today, I shall post the use of a software known as Brutus and will also describe what is dictionary attack. For this purpose I have made a video tutorial also and I have hosted that on YouTube and is given at the end of post it will help you a lot in understanding. In past, I have posted that how can we convert our computer into ftp server and in this post I have also described that these servers can be brute forced also i-e dictionary attack. So, this tutorial is related to that I have made a FTP server at my computer and I’ll pentest that using Brutus.


What is brute force and dictionary Attack:-

It is a kind of attack in which we try to guess the username as well as password. And thus for accomplishing this task we make use of every possible combination of alphabets, numbers (A brute force attack) and words present in dictionary (A dictionary Attack) and as a result those passwords and words which are in dictionary can be guessed and for this Brutus can be used which I’ll use in video to crack the FTP server. Similarly there are many other similar softwares. You can download Brutus from here. Rest information is in the video and I’ll tell you step by step.

Video Guide of pentesting a FTP server by Brutus:-

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How to prevent Brutus attack

Simply you need to install a firewall on your server. Continuous login attempts must be a redflag. Keep a strong password which may not be cracked with brutus.  Notice that i've used a weak password on local ftp server therefore brutus was able to guess it.