Virtually Use Backtrack 5 in Windows

Here I am with another interesting post, Well sorry for posting so late actually I was hell busy and also internet connectivity wasn't at required speed. For using backtrack 5 easily during using your Windows follow this easy setup guide. After this you will be able to use backtrack five inside your Windows without having any wastage of time and installing it separately. You machine must have good speed also. I have already posted some tutorials for backtrack 5 installation. Read them:-

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How to use Linux While using Windows Virtually:-

1. First of all you will need to download a software which will make a virtual OS inside another OS. I'll use here an open source free software known as VMware Player Download it here.

2. After downloading install it and then a desktop shortcut icon will be placed at your desktop.

3. After that download the version of the Linux which you want to emulate/virtualize in your Windows. Lets say, its backtrack 5. Download an .iso copy of it from here.

4. After downloading place it somewhere in your hard disk. And then open VMware Player from desktop.From the top toolbar select File>Create a New Virtual Machine and then select the second option installer disc image file (.iso) and give the path of the .iso file of the backtrack 5 through below. Like this:-

create virtual backtrack

5. Now select what I have selected below in screen shot. Like select Linux and in kernel version select 2.6 as Backtrack 5 uses this kernel version. And press next.

Virtual Backtrack 5 Setup VMware

6. After that choose whatever name you want for this virtual machine in next step like I have used "Wamiq Ali Back Track 5" and then choose the path below where you want to save it.

virtual machine bt5

7. After that hit next and then again next. Now click finish after that.

8. Your virtual machine is successfully created. It will be launched. And select the first boot option in the Linux Backtrack 5 boot menu as the virtual machine is played.As shown in screen shot below:-

Backtrack 5 virtual boot menu

8. Rest of the entries have already been told in previous tutorials that how can you handle them and can get logged into backtrack 5. But I repeat that:-

  • Type startx after getting booted from first option in boot menu and hit enter.
  • If required for user name that is root and password is toor. So, enjoy using Bt5 under Windows.

An updated version of this post is here, with a better Video experience and on how to use hard disk virtually also, Don't forget to read!
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