Fighting With Missing .DLL Errors and Recovering .DLL’s

DLL missing errorI am going to discuss a major problem which majority of our readers even common computer user faces while running any application. There may be many factors that the application failed to load dialog box appears I’ll discuss some of them and using my pattern you can fight with almost 90% of such error. 10% you can’t because Open-mouthed smile actually you won’t be able to access that what kind of problem is occurring. Well, personally I have resolved many such errors quite successfully without getting impatient. Its my experience that people delete there data of the application which may fail to load. LOL its quite bad Smile with tongue outWe must try to resolve rather than destroying. First error is related to gamers which want to execute games but fail to do so.

Direct X .dll error - Mostly in case you try to Run Games:-

It’s the case you download a game and you have xp running or even windows seven but there is an old version of direct x installed, So, .dll file missing error occur. Like this one:-

direct x error

Now, you might think that the setup provided for the program is corrupt. And thus you may delete all you hard work. But there is a most easy solution in 3 steps.

  1. Go here and download latest version of Direct X
  2. Install Direct X and then restart your Computer (Recommended by HT)
  3. After that try to execute the program it will run successfully.

Other types of .dll errors how to fight with them:-

First Action-Finding the function of .dll:-

1. You have to find to copy the name of the .dll shown in the error.

2. Paste that in Google search and make such queries like for example I am trying to find that what is the purpose of msvcrt.dll, I’ll search:- “Purpose of msvcrt.dll ” and what I got is this in 3rd link:-

msvcrt.dll is the file helper that runs as part of  what is known as the Microsoft Visual C++ Run Time library. (hence, msvcrt)

3. Its enough for you to get now that what’s its purpose. After that you may now try to resolve that. Here, I’ll give you two websites which you can use to download such .dll’s and put them manually in your system. Smile

Second Action:-Recovering such .dll’s:-

You can make use of these two websites:-


  • You can search for any .dll file which you want in the above listed sites and can read there description as well as can download them.
  • Copy the name of the .dll file given in the error of the specific application while executing that.
  • Search that .dll in any of the above sites and download it.
  • Mostly, that .dll will go in c:/windows/system32, just copy the downloaded .dll (Extract if in archive phase) and paste in c:/windows/system32 or else if again that specific application doesn’t work then paste that .dll in the directory of the installed program.

Note:- Guide of every possible .dll is also given in above sites that where we can place them, in nutshell if you use a bit brain and use Google in good manner you can resolve such error. I have shown you path rest is up to you. Smile