Learn How To Enable Your Task Manager If It Is Disabled

Enable Task Manager

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Now a day , a new type of of virus is continuously spreading which disables the task manager in the windows. Recently my one of the friend suffered from this virus and when he Googled he did not find any authentic solution. So this made me to write this tutorial to show you that how can you enable the disabled task manager. Which is majorly effected by Virus.

Enabling Task Manager:-

Here nothing is needed to be downloaded , the main feature lies in your own computer . Just follow these easy steps.

  • Type gpedit.msc in the run.
  • Goto User Configuration>Administrative Templates>System. Now you may see a window like the given one:-

Enable Task Manager Step

  • Click Ctrl+Alt+Del option.
  • Now you may see four options which are:

  1. Remove change password .
  2. Remove Lock Computer .
  3. Remove Task Manager .
  4. Remove Logoff .

  • Double click option number 3.
  • Now you may see a window like this:

Enable Task Manager Steps

  • Check Not Configured or Disabled . You are done. You may now see your Task Manager.

Exception (Determine how your Computer has been affected):-

Simaltaneously there are two types of viruses. One deletes the Task Manager while one changes this key to Enabled. So the type in which the Task Manager is deleted can't be overcome . It is necessary to have an anti-virus like AVAST. The one which deletes Task Manager can only be overcome through these steps.

  • Change the window after formatting all the drives and deleting every bit of your data as it can be in your data (Mostly in .exe and programs not in .jpeg or mp3, If you want to save your data then use a bootable Linux USB and copy your precious data in that and make sure that isn't effected one normally skip backing up your programs, take images or songs etc with you, Read here:- Make a bootable 100mb Linux USB | Versatile Uses


  • Use Avast anti-virus to scan all the drives and it may take much time.