Update Facebook Status in Cool Way i-e Include Some HTML VIA XFBML Injection

XFBML Injection

You will surely be surprised that how this is possible? That I am updating status by adding some text fields where headings are given like “Admin URL” and “Comment Wamiq”. So, today I’ll share that how you too can do it now, this is know as XFBML injection and is actually shared by Acizninja DeadcOde, who is a hacker and I am presenting here by much simplifying it so that you too can make some fun with friends. I’ll just share code using which you will be able to do such things using the application of Acizninja DeadcOde , Since real credits goes to him. Code is below, where a live stream has been created and you can share it as it is at your wall:-


Just copy the whole snippet, log in into your Facebook and then paste that into browser bar, You will see window like this and hit share!

Share XFBML Injection

Likely, if you are sharp enough by looking at the above given code you can understand that what is going on. Well, as another sample use below code:-


Its preview will be generated like this:-


So, where you find hackersthirst.com in the code you can change it to your desired one, similarly you can fill the empty fields also, by using some coding. So, Use the code and share what you want with the friends and amaze them. You can change the alignment of the “Comment” button in above code, you can change the text of the comment button, all this is up to you. Just cope code and paste that to browser address bar and hit enter (First log into Facebook).

Source:- Acizninja DeadcOde – blog.cyber4rt.com