How to get Anyone’s IP address and also secure yourself

Log Any IP Adress Secure your IP

There are many methods using them you can log or find the IP address of the person with whom you are interacting over the internet. But Since we always kept the IT knowledge from security perspective and when a person won’t know that how we can make such things possible, He will surely fall prey of such attacks. So, Firstly I’ll tell you two methods using them you can find IP address of the person likely as if suppose, I am chatting with him over MSN, Yahoo or else lets say Skype and I want to find his IP address to find location of his computer Smile with tongue out then I can use the following methods:-

First an Easy Method, Using a 3rd party website to Get the victim IP address:-

  1. Go to this site Whats The IP
  2. Enter your email address. You will get three links with different options (Read the details of every link as the purpose is written below them, the mail purpose is to log IP if anyone will get to the link)
  3. Send any of the three to someone and their IP will be sent to your email.

Second Way, Using your own script to Get the Others IP address:-

Here we’ll use a php script which you can use in any webpage and can log the IP address of the victim who ever will visit that page. Download the script here.

After downloading you will need a hosting account which will support php usage also. We’ll recommend or else, Similarly Google and you will get many others. Upload to them the extracted files which you have downloaded, One is index.php which contains the IP logging script, (If you are sharp enough you can use this script in any HTML page Smile with tongue out) and other is ip.html where the logs of IP address will be sent.

If you don’t know how to upload these files read this post:- Uploading Files to Website Using FileZilla

After uploading lets assume your site is , If you have uplaoded both files to root directory then send this link to victim, and index.php will be accessed and blank page will be displayed but the IP address of the victim will be logged inside ip.html, So, open and the IP address of victim will be shown like this:- Ip address of the Visitor :**

Consequences of this post and countermeasures to be Safe from Such Attacks:-

Now, You have got two ways to accomplish this task. You can be fooled also by such ways. Now I’ll tell you how to be safe from such attacks since, When someone's can get your IP address he can do whatever he wants if your system security is not good enough.

Surfing Over the internet Anonymously:-

I have already posted many ways using them you can hide your real IP address and thus you will be anonymous over the internet and your real IP won’t get logged instead you will grant the attacker a fake IP Open-mouthed smileRead these posts:-

Surf Anonymously Using Hotspot Shield

How to surf Web anonymously using TOR

How to Make your own Proxy Server

If you are using PTCL broad band or else a router then take a break:-

If you are using router then the biggest mistake made by admin is this that the default username and password of the admin is not changed, As the admin is noob and don’t knows the hacking attacks, same is the case with PTCL broadband router that the default admin login is kept unchanged and is accessible by the public IP address which if gets logged can cause havoc for you Smile with tongue out Like the hacker will login into PTCL router will open ports and will have some dance with your computer LOL, Hope you got Winking smile. So change the admin login username and password of all the routers which you use.

Read this post:- Critical Security Update for PTCL BroadBand Users

Be Wise while clicking Links:-

Its my own invented way now LOL. Suppose your friend gives you a link during chat and you don’t know what is it? so lets make use of Google, Suppose the link belongs to the first method of logging IP address, Copy the link and paste in Google search bar, If this result comes then surely its time to ponder upon the link and be particular that it may be a scam:-

error wrong link

So, no search result came and it means the link has not been indexed by Google, Now the hacker may also be sharp, he may make a site and add its sitemap to Google to let it indexed too. So, Mainly your own common sense will help you a lot, And always be particular about safety when the name comes “SUBDOMAIN” like Smile with tongue out its subdomain, So, be sure you are not heading towards scam. But don’t get so much over conscious too.

Make use of Good Firewall and Antivirus:-

It is the most important step, that you use a good firewall and an antivirus software. If you don’t have money to spend for good antivirus then you can read this post:-

How to Use Eset Smart Security Without Trial Basis

And a good firewall will block port attacks. So one thing also don’t let your port open which are un-necessary and use good antivirus which may scan URL’s also and may notify if URL’s are viral like in case Eset Smart Security does the same. You can purchase it also, As I would recommend a good way if you have some money to spend Smile

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