4 Ways I Protect My Coupon Blog from Hackers

Securing BlogMany people’s blogging careers have hit the wall due to the penetration of hackers on their blogs. If you are truly concerned about your blog, you won’t envision it being hacked. Power bloggers are spending high bills to guarantee the security of their blogs. Though, not all of us can afford spending much cash to ensure the security of our blogs there are some smart ways to keep your blog safe from hackers.

While promoting my discount coupon blog where I talk about weight watchers and ediet, I have learnt some proper ways to make sure your blog is safe from hackers without necessarily having to spend too much money in the process. I am going to share some of these tips with you in this blog post.

I turn on my firewall

A firewall is a program that is built in your computer’s operating system to protect your network from being penetrated without your notice.  Firewall is the “antivirus” built for your computer at default. If you need more security, you’ll have to turn your firewall on.

To ensure that my computer is intact and safe from intrusion that might cost me my blog, I make sure my computer’s firewall is always on.

I use alphanumeric password combination

If your Wordpress password is not strong enough, just a few trial of “brute force” would actually give access to your blog’s dashboard. You should make sure your passwords are strong enough by combining numbers with letters. Avoid using your birthday dates as your passwords.

It’s also risky to use you the same password for your several accounts. When choosing passwords for your email addresses, Wordpress or social media accounts make sure you use entirely different password combinations for each of them.

I always make sure my computer is free of virus

I know that having a single virus in my computer can put my confidential life in jeopardy so I always make sure my computer is free from viruses. There are several ways to make sure your computer is not going to contact virus. Below are some tips that will help you stay away from viruses while using your computer on the internet or offline.

  • While surfing the internet avoid visiting portals you don’t know the reason of their existence.
  • When downloading attachments from emails, make sure they are scanned with a solid antivirus program.
  • Install a strong antivirus program on your computer to prevent unwanted programs from floating into your system from the internet or from a virus infested flash drive.
  • For Using Strong Antivirus I would say that use Eset Smart Security and Inorder to remain safe from USB scams read or Shortcut Autorun Virus on Flash Drive – Be Safe use USB Disk Security.

I don’t share my details unnecessarily

Sharing your confidential details carelessly can lead to you losing your accounts. You should avoid telling you passwords and usernames to people you hardly know. People hardly trust others with such information because it can lead to terrible situations.

You might tell your friend what the password to your account is, but he may not be careful with it enough as you would.

I don’t share the details of my coupon blog with just anybody. Doing so will only lead to something, my blog being hacked!

Introduction About Author:-

John Edget is a blogger from discount coupon blog weightlosstriumph.com, where he shares coupons for weight watchers and ediet coupons. You can get your free weight watchers online promotion code and ediets promo code from his blog.

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