Root Access Nokia Symbian Phone – No Certificate Headache

Symbian Hack

Many of you should have used old methods trying to root/hack a Symbian phone but mostly now result comes in the form of failure. But now I am going to share a genuine scheme to hack any Symbian phone by just following some simple steps. Well, What you get from a hacked phone?

> It can be customized as required. Since system files are accessible always.

> Any application with an expired certificate can be installed. Because a hacked Symbian won’t ask for certificate. (However, Be sure not to install spammy and viral software. Do at your own risk.)

1- Lets start that how can we do it, First you should download this whole package from below which contains those tools which are going to be used while hacking any Symbian phone.

Download Symbian Tools (Server One)

Download Symbian Tools (Server Two)

2- After downloading extract and copy all the material present in the  downloaded archive into your Symbian cell phone.

3- Download X-plore from here and install it into your Symbian cell phone to view files. If you own Nokia E-series mobile phone (E60, E61, E70, ...),
you may need to do following in order to allow phone to install X-plore

    Open Application Manager
    Choose Options, then Settings
    Switch Software installation to *All* (not *Certified only*)

4- Install the Mobile Security present in the extracted package and then open up the X-plore after restarting your cell phone, and copy tmquarantine (present in ROM Patcher + 3.1 Lite and then C) from the extracted package present in cell phone and paste this folder in c:\ of the cell phone just using X-plore. Now again open antivirus i-e Mobile security and then go to quarantine list and select all and then restore.

As a result of restoration the quarantined files needed for rooting are now in c:/sys/bin that’s what we wanted.

5- Now run and install RomPatcherPlus_3.1_LiteVersion present in the download package and then apply the “Open4All RP+” using this now you are able to get into the any system file of Symbian OS.

6- Also apply “Install Server RP+” and then due to this you will be able to install nay unsigned application without any certificate error but always be conscious don’t install any viral application, Since Hackers Thirst is not responsible.

Note:- If Red sign comes on applying “Install Server RP+”, then manually search installserver.exe for your cell phone using Google and then using X-plore paste that in c:\sys\bin and cheers you will be done. Ask me for any help or getting installserver.exe for your set phone also.