Using Router/DSL Modem to Share Files b/w Multiple Pc’s

Sharing Whole Files Over Router ht

Many of you might be aware of the scheme under which a sharing works using a router at home or else in an office but this post is for those who are tired of copying data from USB from there PC and into there Laptop again copying the same data, So process is hell lot of slow. Lets make it a bit faster by just using your own DSL Modem or else you may call router.

Here, I’ll try my best to take both xp as well as windows seven. Using this your time will surely get safe from getting wasted and you will be able to transfer your data from your pc and laptop running under same internet connection in seconds.

Things You will need:-

1) A laptop and Personal computer (Or more computers also) connected to same ADSL modem or router.

2) A bit of brain and some settings needed to run such a sharing among home group.

Using Windows Xp to share Your Files:-

  1. First of all Make sure that you are connected to router or ADSL Modem.
  2. Open Network Places. In the right pane click Show icons for networked UPnP device. If your ADSL Modem icon show up then surely its connected.Windows XP Icons for UPnP device
  3. After that Click Set up a home or small office network in the same quick task right pane. (If you can’t see any right pane then go to Folder Options in the tools of the Window Explorer i-e in the same Folder of Network places in upper Menu Bar and select the Firs option in Tasks and hit OK.)
  4. Press Next and then again next and at the stage where it shows any disconnected hardware, Tick Ignore Disconnected Hardware and Let it go by using options suitable for you. And in the end it will ask for computer restart do that, After during this set up letting the Windows set the name of the sharing group to be Mshome.
  5. Now, do this same thing in the other Computer or laptop which you are going to share with the one described above.
  6. After this Right click the folder which you want to share. Go in properties>Sharing and tick Share this folder on network.Windows XP sharing
  7. Go in your Network Places, there you can see the shared folders and same in case from another computer when you will check Network Places you will see same shared folders. Repeat this process of sharing folder from another PC if you want to share that PC files.

Using Windows Vista And Seven Or Windows Developer Preview (Of windows 8) to Share your Files:-

  1. You Just have to enable your sharing, For this click on the Networking icon placed in the task bar. And click Open Networking and Sharing Center.Networking and Sharing Win seven
  2. Then Go to Change Advanced Sharing Settings place in the right side bar.Change Advanced Sharing Settings
  3. After that allow the file as well as printer sharing as told in below screen shot. And hit save changes.Windows Seven Sharing Center
  4. Do the same with the computer which you want to share.
  5. Now, go to Again Networking and Sharing Center by hitting Back button Placed at top left corner, and then click Network icon placed between your PC name and internet Globe icon, there you will see discovered computers in your network. Which have been shared.
  6. In order to share the specific folders again click any folder and then go in sharing tab and let it share in home group.
  7. In order to access any computer in your home group of shared computers under windows seven in Sharing and Networking center. You should know the login password of the admin of that computer as it will be required while trying to access that specified shared machine.

Without router how to share?

Yes! you can also share two computers using cross cable, Just plug the open ends of cross cable in the LAN card of both the computers and repeat the above discussed processes. All will be fine and you can share them easily.

Further Tip:-

You can also share printers using this tutorial and i think that is not that much difficult. Just go to Devices and Printers and there Right click the attached printer which you want to share and then go to properties and go to sharing and tick share this printer and hit OK, then in other computer just connect to the printer shown as shared.