[Alert] Your very own Android Phone is spying on you!

android spy

In this post I am going to reveal a fact which I think that most of the users of smart phones loaded with android don’t even know. As the technology is progressing the common user is technically ignoring the practical aspect of any thing which he is using. Like he doesn’t know that after clicking this link received in the email what is going to happen? whether should I check that isn’t there any viral attack connected to it! Privacy of content is for every individual on this earth and what will you feel if you come to know that your all activities are being logged and can be used against you in worst cases. Surely! you won’t like this specially in case of your cell phone “A smart phone” which you buy to contact to your loved ones in a better way and with a better interface. Lets talk about a software in the Android which is automatically spying on you without your consent.

How: Your Android phone is being monitored:

Recently! a developer at android revealed that in your cell phone a built in application is present which is capable to log every activity of you done in your cell phone. In this case you may think that how actually this data is being sent to the application developers and the related companies of the cell phones for the security reasons. Well, what a cell needs it a network and if this is not present then in offline mode only a Wi-Fi network can send the whole logs. Check out the video made by Eckhart to reveal the truth about this software named as Carrier IQ.

This will let you know that before calling anyone you cell phone first stores and sends the log of the number of the person whom you are calling.

What: Is this software Carrier IQ:

According to the Carrier IQ official notes I came to know that according to them its been created to make the company well aware that what there network and OS is doing with the user, Whether he is happy with it or else there are some bugs appearing out there to embarrass him. According to them:

With Carrier IQ they do. Carrier IQ’s Mobile Service Intelligence solution eliminates guesswork by automatically providing accurate, real-time data direct from the source – your customers' handsets. Our powerful platform aggregates, analyzes and delivers that data via easy-to-use web applications that help wireless carriers make smart business decisions.

But its case sensitive, according to the Eckhart, as he showed that even messages were also being logged by this built in software. Also exactly one might think that SSL traffic is safe, but if you do think bit deeper you will come to know that whenever you are going to write some sensitive data then it surely goes through a secure tunnel but what? Its hijacked earlier because it been uploaded to the site where SSL is enabled by your very own Smart handset Smile with tongue out

Disabling and Deleting Carrier IQ out of your device:

Well! personally I didn’t got a way easy for a noob to delete that program by just tap of a hand over “Uninstall” from a smartphone. One way I got is this that you root you phone and get a custom Android firmware coded by the code provided by the Google. You can get many guides related to this that how can we root android smart phone and can install our own ROM, Well the new ROM must be free of the Carrier IQ software, make it sure, that’s why I recommended to get self coded firmware (AOSP Like Cynogenmode) released over internet. Hope! not much long, I will post about how to root android smartphone. All of the above means don’t use carrier modified ROM’s.

Detecting Carrier IQ in your smart phone:

One way has been described by Eckhart and which is by using Eckhart’s application. Trevor Eckhart’s Logging Test App v7 found on XDA, gives the user access to perform “CIQ checks” which will simply check if the application is installed on your device.

Carrier ICQ Detect

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