Install Backtrack 5 Virtually with Virtual Hard Drive support

How to Backtrack 5 Virtuall

At every single point if you are a pen tester or a hacker then you are surely going to need Linux. But Windows has also its own importance as according to my experience always in case of Photoshop like software’s and all that Windows has shown more stability, So every one is free to choose. Today, I have made a tutorial for you to run multiple operating systems under same Windows by simply virtualizing it like in the case I shall virtualize Linux (Back Track 5 r1) on the Windows Seven. Software I am going to us is Virtual Box.

[How to] Install BackTrack 5 R1 virtually at Windows With Virtual Harddisk - Video Guide



Note:- In the end I told you to get information from the post below, there I meant that remove the ISO of back track 5 from the startup of the backtrack 5 because if you won’t remove again after installation the virtual machine will boot from that, For that purpose go to settings after selecting your virtual machine in the Virtual Box and Go to storage in left pane and right click the ISO and click delete from the list. You are done Smile If you want to add a cd rom simply add from here!

Update: Learn how to share Files between Linux and Virtual Windows and Vice Versa